How to take a screenshot on a laptop?

Taking a screenshot can be essential to show a third party a “photo” of what is displayed on our screen. We can therefore send our screenshot by e-mail, instant messaging, integrate it into a word processor, etc. The good news is that this action is very easy to perform. We suggest you take a detailed look at how to take a screenshot on your laptop PC .

How to take a screenshot on a laptop?

There are several ways to take a screenshot (also called screenshot), depending on your operating system (depending on the Windows or Mac version).

Take a screenshot with Windows

Although many people still use the first method, Microsoft has implemented a new – unfortunately unknown – function to take a screenshot. Before going into details, be aware that for any version of Windows 8 and later, both methods will work. For any version Windows 7 or earlier, only the first one will work.

Up to Windows 7: the traditional process

It is the protocol used by the greatest number, since it entered into force in the first versions of Windows. You have to hold down the “ Print ” key . Screen “, which is located at the top right of your keyboard. Then, it is a question of opening a software like Paint (preinstalled on Windows) where one will paste the image ( CTRL + V or menu edition -> paste ). Finally, you save your image in the format of your choice by having it resized or cropped if necessary.

From Windows 8: a more ergonomic process

This involves simultaneously pressing the “ Windows ” key on the keyboard and the “ Print ” key Screen “. The capture is then automatically saved in image format in a folder named Screenshots , located in the Windows Pictures folder .

Take a screenshot in Mac OS

Mac OS is not left out in the screenshot. The process is similar to that of Windows 8 and Windows 10. Let’s see below how to take a nice screenshot with a Mac.

Screenshot: the applicable solution for all Mac OS

It is therefore a matter of pressing the CMD + Shift + 3 keys at the same time . The capture is automatic and is saved directly as an image on the desktop. All you have to do is move it to the location of your choice. Otherwise you can also select a specific area of ​​your screen with CMD + Shift + 4.

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