how to cancel avast free trial (complete guide 2020)

how to cancel avast 60 day trial

You can cancel Avast auto-renewal by log in to your Avast Account. The steps are quite simple and easy.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

how to cancel avast 60 day trial

  1. visit website

    Visit the Avast website and sign in to your account.

  2. License section

    Go to the Licenses section and click on the license that your License

  3. Log in

    Log in to the email address on where you have activated your licence.

  4. cancel Renewal

    Choose the Cancel Auto Renewal option and confirm your choice

  5. Deactivate Auto-renewal

    Click on the option Deactivate Auto-renewal Subscription option in the confirmation dialogue box.

  6. Instant Reply

    You will get instant confirmation on your email.

Windows: Avast acquired from Digital River

How To Cancel Avast 60 Day Trial Avast acquired from Digital River

If you purchased your subscription through Digital River , you can also end  your subscription via the Avast customer portal.

Steps Required

Step 1

Go to the  Avast website to find the order. For this you need the order number and the password. If you do not have this information to hand, open the order confirmation from Avast, which was sent by email. Alternatively, click on the ” Forgot your order ID ” link to the right of the entry field for the order number.

Step 2

Click on the ” Your subscriptions ” in the respective subscription to ” unsubscribe “. 

Windows: Avast purchased from Nexway

How To Cancel Avast 60 Day Trial Avast purchased from Nexway

Windows users who bought their subscription via Nexway can cancel the subscription as follows:

Steps Required

Step 1

In the order confirmation that you received by email at the time, click on the link to deactivate the current subscription.  The link then redirects you to the Nexway portal. 
If the e-mail is no longer available, click on your region to end the subscription: USA , UK , Canada , EU , Brazil

Step 2

To log in to the Nexway portal, you need the e-mail address and password that you can find in the order confirmation by e-mail. If the user data has been lost, click on Forgot your password? In the login window to otherwise identify yourself.

Step 3

On the welcome page, click the ” Change Auto-Renewal settings ” option.
In the ” Auto-Renewal ” section of the ” Payment and Billing Details ” page, 
activate the ” Disable ” option.
To confirm the cancellation, click on ” 
Deactivate automatic renewal “.

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FAQS – how to cancel avast 60 day trial

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