Best Shower Speakers: Ultimate Buying Guide in 2021

Best Shower Speakers Introduction

Decision making sometimes difficult, especially when you are going to purchase tech. related products. It is essential to have in-depth knowledge about product features and its working, so your savings don’t be wasted for any misadventure. Too many choices left us puzzled and made our decision making difficult. So, we have selected the top three products for Best Shower Speakers after extensive research practical application of shower speakers.

The best shower speakers have gotten much value to rock favorite music anywhere without any worries of its damaging with water. Take your shower speaker anywhere with you, whether at a pool party or under the rain.

Are shower speakers safe?

Yes it have an IP67 water proof rating, which means it can survive being dropped like in water or mud and its completely waterproof.

Let’s move on to technical aspects and Best Shower Speakers‘ benefits to make sure it turns out to be the best deal for you.

1. Fugoo Style XL – Best Shower Speakers

Best Shower Speakers


If you have a bigger social circle just like mine and throw a party now and then, your best music partner would be Fugoo Style. It is feisty, chic, and louder than life, and your event is going to rock with its powerful bass. Its wireless connectivity gives the comfort of is not being tangled in wires, and my phone reconnected automatically every time I started it. 

It has an IP67 rating, which means it can survive being dropped and any abuses like in water or mud. It has easy playback controls with plus and minus signs with track skipping mode, play, and pause as well.


Water and Dust Proof

Fugoo is built up to resist water, mud, snow, and any splashes of rain thanks to its design and high-quality material. So, you can throw a party at beachside and inclement weather with no worry until it is submerged in water for 30 minutes at 3 feet or 1 meter.

A Power bank for Your Phone or Tablet

Fugoo comes with not only an elegant style but also a power bank for your devices. No need to worry about low mobile battery because Fugoo style also provides a charging facility to your mobile phone or tablet through a USB port.

360 degrees Sound with Clarity

Fugoo is a versatile performer with high fidelity sound bringing vocals forward. If you want to feel every low and high-end musical beat, this could be your best choice most of the time at a reasonable price.

It is featuring 8 speakers with 97 decibels of sound pressure that provides stunning performance across the board at 360 degrees. It’s appropriate for hip-hop, jazz, and mellow master cuts provides you ultimate listening experience.

Battery Life

Since Fugoo style-S was facing issues with charge time with only 15 hours and users, show poor ranking. But your Fugoo Style has come up with unmatched battery life of 35 to 40 hours to suit your needs.


I was always impressed by Fugoo Style with its all features of 360 degrees sound, lively and louder pitch, excellent battery life, and versatile design. Some points I would like to add is its connectivity via Bluetooth to play your favorite music at your comfort zone. It has an easy play, and pause buttons keep you in control for your mood.
It even buzzes a sound when it is connected via Bluetooth as a male sound appears saying “device is paired.”
Connects with Google and Siri to allow you to control your device remotely, and you can ask questions

  • AC supply capability and charges with an outlet cable
  • A power bank for your phone and tablet
  • Sand, Mud and water proof (can float in water for 30 minutes at 2 feet depth)
  • 360 degrees of sound experience
  • Remote control via Bluetooth, Siri and google
  • Durable with IP67 rating
  • Do not have a carrying strap
  • Not capable to pair with other speakers


So, as a final note I would say Fugoo style will be your best music partner in reasonable price. Many customers are satisfied with it and 63% of users give it 5 stars and showed their trust saying.

The Fugoo XL (Style or whatever version you want) is amazing. It is so waterproof and in the Style and Sport shells that it floats.
Another customer reviews it as “I’ve had this speaker since January 2018 and it is still going strong. The battery life has continued to amaze me and I’ve hardly ever had to charge it”Let’s grab one for you!

2. Ultimate Earboom 2

Ultimate Earboom 2


It’s a brilliant portable speaker that you will love at first sight. You don’t have to spend a substantial amount for the great experience because ultimate ears boom 2 offers you quality sound at a reasonable price.

UE2 is not much different from Ultimate Ear boom, but intricate modifications are made to provide you a pleasant listening experience. You can get it in a variety of 6 attractive color options and choose the most beautiful color of your taste or get one to compliment your drawing-room.

Its fabric is more durable than UE and resists any shock better. UE is water-resistant, and UE2 can be fully submerged in water.

These are some comparisons with its previous model. Now let’s have a look to ultimate Ear boom 2, so you have a better idea.


Durable and Waterproof

Ultimateear boom 2 is made of tightly-woven fabric, making it more durable so it can withstand a lot of punishment. It can handle the drop-resistant of 5 feet or 1.5 meters. Its fabric is tightly integrated with rubber control, and it gives you a very smooth and elegant look.

Its flap covers the USB port in a very effective manner so water cannot sneak in. Even when you forget to close the flap, water cannot go inside.

Pair up with other Speakers

Your Ultimate Earboom 2 will make your party fun to the next level. Your friends can pair as many Boom speakers via the mobile app to connect them wirelessly to create stereo. So, your party is going to be bigger, better and louder.

Dynamic Range with Bold Sound

If you are an audiophile and loves the bold sound, then you are right to stop. UE2 comes with an immersive 360 degrees sound and preserve as much of a dynamic range and balances audio.

You can hear louder, but the cleaner sound at the same time.

Experiencing music is incomplete without big bass vibes and many speakers out there are not good at it. Its bass frequency is carefully tuned to the maximum with the use of low-frequency drivers and digital signals processing (DSP) system. But in some rare cases, it muffled and muddy.

Comfort in Controlling

Whether you are enjoying music in solitude or with bigger social circles and friends, you need ease of controlling it from anywhere around it.

So, you don’t have to go to your Boom 2 and connect your smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth.

It also has a feature of voice control so say it loud and let boom 2 handle the rest.

Awesome App

I was stunned by app features how it made my life more in control. Party up feature lets you connect 150 plus Boom speakers and imagine the richness and loudness of sound!

You can also play DJ on it along with friends.

It is also your alarm clock, and it will wake you up with your favorite song. Sound is customizable through the app, so feel free to set your musical highs and lows according to your taste with 5 band equalizers.


The app allows you to rename your Boom 2, power it on and off and check its battery level.It stays on when active, playing music, and shuts down when not in use.
Speaker comes with a mini USB cable and directions on how to download and use the app.
It has an audio jack so you can listen to your music in case you are working with things that don’t have Bluetooth, but you must purchase a cable for the audio jack.

  • Excellent battery life upto
  • Excellent sound
  • Connect with multiple devices
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Cross branding design does not give classy look
  • Distortions at very high sound


Customers have shown a great deal of satisfaction although there are some cons associated with it. Out of 3,585 reviews (now) 70% of them give it 5 stars.

One of them said,

I’m an audiophile and music producer. I tried this, the mega boom, and JBL Charge 3. UE BOOM 2 won first in terms of sound quality and second in terms of functional design that feels right.

So, you have made your choice I’m sure it’s going to be best fit for you.

3. Sony SRS-XB32 Speaker – Best Shower Speakers in 2020

Best Shower Speakers in 2020


I personally loved this speaker due to its amazing musical experience and appealing designs with chic colors of black, grey, and blue. Sony SRS is easy to carry a speaker that has loud volume and clear audio and super amazing bass regardless of its small size.

It’s a portable speaker with a smaller small and compact size so you can take your party with you at any place. Sony SRS is your best buddy for pool parties as it is highly waterproof and it can also bear shocks of bumps and scars that come along its way. 

It doesn’t matter how you place it, horizontal or vertical you will get your personalized sound experience.It can give you unique sound modes like a scratch, snare and cowbell and party booster mode. Its built-in LED lights create the kind of light show for you.

Control is in your hands by Sony Music Center app, and you can cue the music list and change light patterns of the speaker. Let’s dig deeper to get the maximum information about your Sony SRS to make sure you get the best deal for your expenses.


360 degrees Live Sound

It gives to real three-dimensional listening experience thanks to its angled speakers and DSP technology that convey the sound in a broader area. Your festival is going to feel the beat while immersing in the live sound of Sony SRS.

It is a focused bass speaker, and sound signature defers to the side of the audio spectrum.

One of the rare and exciting features is its “Party Booster” feature that is controlled by the app. Once this feature on, then tapping on speaker would add hype to music

Lightening Up

It has 2 types of LED’s: one of the pair on both sides flashing white light with music beat, second ones are parallel to the speaker and flash multiple colors. Lights dance out with musical rhythms creating a light show of sorts during playback.

But I never saw them corresponding with the pulsating of music playing. Lights lack this ability so far and change color on their own but LED’s do have an attraction. Plus, you can control lights using Sony app.

Wireless Party Chain

You can connect hundreds of Sony speakers with wireless party chain with Bluetooth, so music reaches to every person in your huge party. Lights on speakers also sync up, and everyone can dance on the same beat. There are reset buttons, and three buttons for battery level reporting that enables WPC (wireless party chain up) up to 100 speakers.

Bluetooth streaming with NFC makes it easier and simple to play your music playlist.

Fiestable App

I would appreciate its free app that is simple to use that add additional features and controls. Its EQ feature impressed me as you can control your speaker with different emotions.

Waterproof and Shock Proof

After a lot of testing by throwing it into the water and raining a shower over it, it proved itself to be waterproof up to 3 feet of water. So, it means Sony SRS-xb32 is my partner for outdoor ventures. But that’s not enough as I also tested its rigorousness by throwing it from some distance. It could secure itself from approx. 4 ft. distance. So, this is an affordable option.


Type-A USB port for charging devices and mini USB port to charge itself.

A pleasant female voice informs about the battery level.

Speaker has main controls, including Bluetooth pairing button, volume keys, play/pause keys, and live button.

  • Wireless Party Chain to connect 100 Sony speakers
  • Part booster to add extra crispness to music
  • Small size with elegant LED’s
  • 360 degrees live sound
  • Water proof, dust proof
  • Low battery timing upto 15 hours, opposite to claim (24 hours)
  • Little heavy to carry out in your pocket


Many reviewers give it a green signal. Out of 168 customers on Amazon about best shower speakers, 68% percent give it 5 stars.

One of them said

The Bass is outstanding (honestly the best on the market) and the speaker can achieve very loud volumes. In all honesty, this is the best speaker I have ever used.

Others showed some concerns but were satisfied overall looking to one of the client’s review

Personally I wish it had a bass boost button like my old SRS-XB20, but for the compact size it sounds amazing.

I would say it would be valuable choice in affordable price range. You are going to appreciate your decision.

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