Best Portable Projector for Business Presentations

What is the best portable projector for presentations?

These are the Best Portable Projector for Business Presentations.

  1. ViewSonic 3800 | best portable projector for presentation
  2. Optoma HD146X | best value portable projector
  3. VANKYO Performance V600 | cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations
  4. AAXA P7 Mini Projector | mini projector
  5. YABER Y21 | best business projector

The portable projectors are the most important thing for presentations of business. The good projectors show the results of the high resolution. The portable projectors have a wide range in their size, brightness, and features. Many portable projectors are with long battery life and many other projectors have more brightness power. The portable projectors are perfect for business trips because they are very easy to carry.

The purchase of the right portable projector is a challenging task. Here we will describe the list of the best portable projector for business presentations. All the following mention portable projectors are best in their action and performance.

1. ViewSonic 3800


ViewSonic 3800 is a versatile projector with advanced visual characteristics. It is ideal for both education and small business usage. The projector has a big screen of 120 inches. This portable is simple to set up and easy to control.


The project always delivers bright images in any environment and has a high ratio of contrast. SuperColor Technology provides amazing color accuracy. The ultra-low 16ms input latency gives smooth images.

  • 3800 lumens
  • 15, 000 hours long lamp life
  • 1080p Support
  • Bright and clear picture
  • Unit is light
  • Works great
  • Speakers are not too good

2. Optoma HD146X


Optoma HD146X provides the cinematic picture quality with a 1080p resolution. The latest technology from Texas instruments is utilized by this projector and ensures the incredible picture with high-brightness.


This portable projector features Dynamic black technology. The benefit of this technology is to smoothly adjust the lamp output and delivers a stunning and high-contrast image. The lamping life is more than 15,000 hours in an eco mode.

  • Bright 3600 Lumens
  • 16ms Response Time
  • DLP Single-Chip Design
  • Very clear image
  • Light up remote control
  • Super quiet fan
  • Picture colour accuracy could be better

3. VANKYO Performance V600


VANKYO Performance V600 is with full HD resolution of 1080P and the contrast ratio is of 5000:1. It is designed to deliver its best performance and 80% brighter than other projectors. It is ideally perfect for business presentations.


This best portable projector is with long-lasting lamps. It works for more than 10 years. There are two ports of HDMI that allows easy connectivity from laptops, Smartphones, etc.

  • HDMI Projector with 300″ Display
  • 1080P LED Projector
  • Versatile digital connectivity
  • Very bright
  • The travel bag is very well made
  • King of budget projectors
  • The image seems out of focus on the edges

4. AAXA P7 Mini Projector


AAXA P7 Mini Projector is the best portable projector with a full HD resolution of 1080p that provides the best clarity of the picture. It is a super compact and mini form projector and perfect for business travel.


The projector features with a 2-watt premium speaker that delivers immersive sound. The LED Lightsource lasts for more than 30,000 hours and LEDs are mercury-free which are friendly to the environment. It comes with a rechargeable battery of 38W Lithium-Ion.

  • 30,000 Hours LED Portable Projector
  • Onboard Media Player
  • High MTF lens
  • Sharp image
  • Running on battery power is awesome
  • Tripod mounting point is very handy
  • Fan is loud

5. YABER Y21


YABER Y21 has a native resolution of 1080P with remarkable 6800 lux bright. The ratio of high dynamic contrast is of 7000:1 that provides sharp image results. This LED projector has built-in dual stereo speakers of 5 watts.


There are a lot of features in this best portable projector. This projector has featured the latest advanced cooling system with three fans. It adopts the SmartEco technology to minimize the lamp power.

  • ±50° 4D Keystone Corrections
  • Support 4k&Zoom
  • Compatible with TV Stick & HDMI
  • Picture quality is great
  • Good contrast and brightness
  • Quality is very good
  • Manual keystone makes picture blurry on edges

Frequently Asked Questions

Which portable projector is best to give cinematic picture quality?
Optoma HD146X is the best projector that provides the cinematic picture quality and has the best 1080p resolution. The latest technology from Texas instruments is used by the projector.

Which is the best compact and mini projector?
AAXA P7 Mini Projector is the best super compact and mini form projector. It is perfect for business travel because of its lightweight and easy to carry feature.

What is the best projector for speakers?
YABER Y21 has built-in dual stereo speakers of 5 watts. It delivers immersive sound with the best dynamic contrast ratio of 7000:1 that provides sharp image results.


All the above-mention portable projectors are best in their performance and features. Among all the portable projectors, the ViewSonic 3800 is the best portable projector for business presentations. It is a versatile projector that contains the best-advanced features of visual. It’s the most suitable projector for small business users because it is light in weight and very easy to carry for any business travel. It contains the best and large screen of 120 inches. The setup and control of this portable projector are very easy and simple. The high-quality and bright images are delivered by the projector. Further, this projector utilizes SuperColor Technology that provides amazing color accuracy.

Best Portable Projector for Business Presentations? Buying guide

Many important factors should be in the best portable projector for business presentations. You should consider these factors at the time of purchasing.


The resolution is the first and most important factor of the best projectors. Many best portable projectors have a resolution of 1080p HD that ensures the picture quality. The projector with high resolution is much better than the projectors with low resolution.


The brightness is the second important factor. If a projector delivers a normal level of brightness then it will never display a clear and visible image or video. So the best projector is those who have a high brightness level and in case you want to lower the brightness, you can easily lower down.

Keystone correction

The keystone correction is also an important factor. When keystone correction is applied to the image or video by projector, it will also reduce the quality of the image or video. The keystone effect is easily minimized by the keystone correction. So a projector must have large settings and if the keystone correction features used then the quality of the image or video is never decreased.

Screen size and throw distance

The screen size and throw distance are also considered at the time of purchasing the best portable projector. You have to know how much size and throw distance of the projector you want.

Final thought

We tried our best to provide information about the best portable projectors. We hope that you will get the best portable projector for the presentations of business and as well as educational presentations.

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