Noblechairs icon Gaming Chair Review 2021

The chairs gamer enjoy today’s undeniable popularity for several reasons. Comfortable, they often include customization mechanisms, such as tilting or adjusting the angle of the armrests and backrest. Also, the famous head and lumbar cushions are a real trademark! Of course, more solid models are quite expensive, so it is better to ensure your investment’s soundness. Now let’s look at the Noblechairs icon Gaming Chair Review; we give you our opinion at the end of the article.

Noblechairs icon Gaming Chair Review summary

Very popular with the gaming community, Noblechairs has acquired a prominent place thanks to its qualitative and studied models. The “Icon” range is certainly the manufacturer’s flagship product, but is it justified… or is it overpriced?

Noblechairs icon Gaming Chair Review
Technical characteristics
Recommended height: from 1.65 m to 1.95 m
Maximum weight supported : 120 kg
Coating : PU leather, genuine leather or vinyl
Weight : 28 kg
Cushions : lumbar and headrest
Adjustments : 4D armrests, height, backrest, tilt 15 °
Casters : 60 mm, steel
Piston : hydraulic gas (class 4)
Guarantee : 2 years

It is easy to understand why Noblechairs stands out among the best at this level of the range. The comparison with a Secretlab Titan holds, for example, quite the road! The materials’ quality is undeniable, whether one evokes the 5 resistant and silent castors, the coating, the stitching, or the steel core. It is also excellent on the comfort side, even if the seat’s firmness will not be to everyone’s taste. Thanks to the many settings available and the cushions, your experience is perfected and extended. The price is certainly important but perfectly justified, given the characteristics.

  • Quality of materials
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Many adjustments (height, backrest, 4D armrests, etc.)
  • Firm and comfortable seat
  • a little hard

Our full review of the Noblechairs Icon

Now let’s go into detail, examining several essential elements such as its build quality and the comfort of its seat.

review of the Noblechairs Icon

Design and materials

It’s a nice package that arrives, very bulky with its 30 kg on the meter. But it is rather reassuring about the solidity of the chair! And indeed, the elements of this unpacked, we find an aluminum structure, a class IV cylinder, thick casters, or a steel core. The 5-foot support is ideal for stability.

Note that, like Secretlab, Noblechairs offers you a great range of customization. We first think of the coating, which you can have in leather (synthetic or real) or vinyl. Aesthetics are also in the spotlight, thanks to the choice of different colors and special editions. Systematically, the rendering is superb, and in the case of the colored versions, the topstitching is splendid. Even before tackling its prowess in terms of support and comfort, it is, above all, a beautiful object.

noble chair cusins


We often see for many gaming chairs that assembly is laborious, often requiring 2 people. Fortunately, this is not the case for the Noblechairs Epic! The package comes with a key, screws, and, of course, the assembly instructions (on glossy paper, please!). Allow between 15 and 25 minutes for the assembly, knowing that you can do it alone. The different parts and chairs’ weight can make the process a bit more complex, but nothing really crippling.

Sitting and support

There, the promises are kept. The hold of the high-density foam envelops your entire body, the backrest offering ideal support. The seat is just as qualitative, but you might as well give it a thousand: firmness is the keyword! Also, lovers of softness will prefer to turn to another gaming chair, or at least wait for the support to be “done.” For maximum comfort, of course, follow the specifications in terms of maximum weight and recommended size.

two support cushions

You can also adjust the chair in such a way that it adapts to your wishes. You can, of course, adjust the seat height (from 48 to 58 cm) and enjoy a relaxed position thanks to the backrest’s tilt up to 135 °.

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The seat is, therefore, comfortable, even if the firmness is quite pronounced. To rest your arms, you benefit from 4D polyurethane armrests, which, on the other hand, are relatively soft. This is a criticism often addressed to less qualitative armchairs, namely the rigidity of the plastic armrests. In addition to the quality of manufacture, the 4D, therefore, allows you to adjust the armrests on several axes to find the perfect positioning according to your desires, your needs, the activity you practice …

However, rather generous in their dimensions and their thickness. A good point is a priori for optimal support, but this reduces the seat’s space in the lumbar region. So some users prefer to remove it.

Conclusion of the Noblechairs icon Gaming Chair Review

Looking at all of the above, the strengths of the gaming chair are undeniable. Hardly received, the Noblechairs icon exudes quality, and its materials ensure real durability. Too bad, however, that the warranty is limited to 2 years, where a Secretlab offers 3 to 5 years warranty for models of similar range. 

The comparison continues on the assembly, easy and without fuss, or the many adjustments possible to perform. Of course, the 4D armrests are the Holy Grail, but you also enjoy a multi-tilt mechanism for a tilt of 11 ° maximum. Comfort is certainly the major strength of this gaming chair, even if the seat’s firmness will be a bit too hard for some.