Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Logitech is well known today for its various gaming peripherals, but especially for headsets. While wireless is gaining more and more importance among gamers. Thanks to its recent developments. The brand also wants to impose itself in this field, thanks to many models, including the Logitech G533. What is this wireless gaming headset worth? Let’s see that in our full Logitech G533 wireless gaming headset review.

Logitech G533 Wireless Headphones Specifications

Technical characteristics

  • Dimensions: 189 x 197 x 85 mm
  • Weight: 350 grams
  • Sound: Stereo / Surround
  • Autonomy: 15 hours
  • Range: 15 meters
  • Type: Closed helmet
  • Connectivity: Wireless via USB dongle and micro-USB (charging)
  • Compatibility: PC, Mac, PS4, Nintendo Switch
  • Excellent stereo sound
  • Comfortable
  • Good autonomy
  • Simple and comprehensive software
  • Sober design
  • Excellent stereo sound
  • Comfortable
  • Good autonomy
  • Simple and comprehensive software
  • Sober design

Complete Review Of The Logitech G533 Headset

Ergonomics: a very comfortable heavy weight

When you take your helmet out of the box, the first thing you notice is its understated design . Almost made of matte black. It is rather versatile, moving away from the rather flashy models with RGB LED. That can offer products for gamers, and in particular those from Logitech.

Also, it is true that 350 grams for a helmet is not really a number the product can boast of. However, it does not hurt it either. Although you can feel it on the head at first, its design. Coupled with its quality of manufacture, offer a comfort such as to make it forget the mass of the headset . More particularly, we can be delighted with the pads present with a perfect consistency.

Whether on the headband or the ear cups.All wrapped in a soft and washable fabric.Which does not neglect the breathing of the skin.Which does not Unfortunately, this is not the case with sound insulation. Indeed, the majority of exterior noise is camouflaged. But this is not the case for all, presenting in the end a rather average insulation., which is a shame for a so-called “closed” helmet.

On the other hand, the circum-aural shape of the atria makes it possible to suit all ear sizes. The same goes for the hoop.Obviously adjustable, which is solid and fairly wide.Which is also suitable for small and large skulls. But it’s not just the headband that is solid. It’s the case of all the headphones made of a beefy quality plastic. Which is felt right down to the fold-out microphone.

On the left side of the headset, several buttons are available, including the power button, a dial that adjusts the volume, as well as a macro that can be configured as we wish , via the dedicated software: Logitech G HUB.

Wireless: Are We Missing The Wire?

The connection of the G533 is made only via the 2.4 GHz USB dongle supplied in the product box. And although a micro-USB port is located on the left ear cup.It is only used for charging the headset (a 2 meter cable is also provided). The lack of a jack is felt, however. It is the concession taken from the Logitech G933 which has one, and which is similar to the model discussed here.

Nevertheless, the brand gives us the pleasant surprise of being compatible with a good number of devices.Compared to other models. This includes PCs and Macs of course.But also the Playstation 4, and especially the Nintendo Switch.Which is one of the few wireless headsets to be compatible with the console.

Regarding autonomy, although it is not exceptional compared to the competition, it is still correct, while managing to correspond well to what is announced by the manufacturer, and is sufficient for a full day without having need to reload. In the worst case, it is possible to use the headset while it is charging .

For the range, while Logitech announces 15 meters, we realize that obstacles between the USB dongle and the headset, can give instabilities within 10 meters . This can easily be sufficient depending on the area you are moving with, but it should be done with minimal care.

Audio: Appreciation Of Balance

The quality of ergonomics and wireless is all well and good, but what about the main point, the audio? And of course the stereo is just great . Carried by its two 40 mm Pro-G speakers, the G533 delivers a remarkable sound reproduction, thanks to its great balance between the frequencies, making sounds never too high or too low, which gives an extraordinary audio precision in its price bracket.

The 7.1 emulation does not fare as well unfortunately . Indeed, we can be disappointed with the absence of Dolby surround, present on other models from Logitech, and replaced by a DTS Headphones X 7.1 instead. The rendering on movies or cinematic-looking games is mostly suitable , but this is not the case for the game itself, due to an audio rendering that lacks precision, which eliminates a lot of multiplayer modes for example. Also note that 7.1 emulation is not available on compatible consoles. It’s a shame, when we see how Logitech insists in its communication of 7.1 on this model.

Microphone: A Quiet Voice

So while we’re in audio, let’s talk about the mic and what it’s worth. This is discreet on the helmet when it is folded up, but it is also automatically deactivated , notified by a small red LED. To activate it, all you have to do is lower it, and it can be adjusted to be positioned in front of the mouth, thanks to its telescopic tip.

The overall quality is rather clean, particularly reducing background noise. But it is just enough for basic communications , do not expect an exceptional result, the fault of a voice rendering which is all the same unnatural, on a microphone that lacks sensitivity.

Software: Simple But Complete

Finally, the dedicated software, Logitech G HUB, supports everything on a computer, and it does its job very well  ! It has a sober interface, but is nevertheless very complete, thanks to its different volume settings, its 10-band equalizer profiles, many commands that can be assigned to the macro, etc.

We can just blame some small blunders of the software, such as the macro key which may no longer work after a standby or a connection instability. Which can be adjusted by turning the headset back on, or even that it sends a notification to the battery status according to its percentage. Whether when it goes down, but especially when it goes up, which should not be the case.

Final Verdict

In its price bracket, the Logitech G533 presents itself as a very good wireless gaming headset. Which even hurts models above, such as the G933, which is however supposed to be a superior benchmark for the brand. Above all, it is one of the best wireless headphones in terms of stereo audio rendering. As well as ergonomics, and ultimately presents quite a few flaws.Except especially on the 7.1 surround, its sound isolation and a little bit the quality of his microphone. So if you are looking for a wireless device. Being more of a headset than a headset, the G533 is a great option to seriously consider.



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