ADT Pulse VS Vivint | Vivint Alarms vs ADT Pulse Security Comparison

The ADT Pulse and Vivint are the best home security systems. The new modern technology is utilized by these security systems. The hardware packages of both systems are similar. The companies supplied the installation and monitoring features. Among both of these systems, the Vivint has more features for fewer prices. In this article, you will get complete information about the ADT pulse vs Vivint.

Vivint offers free cloud storage for more space for video recordings. It works with both Alexa and Google Assistant. All the monitoring plans are provided by Vivint. ADT pulse offers storage of the videos and works with Alexa only. The monitoring plans of the ADT are more expensive.

Vivint comes with monitoring plans of month-to-month while the ADT pulse comes with a contract of three years of monitoring plan. The expensive plan of Vivint is about 39.99-dollar and the top monitoring plan of ADT costs 57.99-dollar.

Both Vivint and ADT pulse provide the high-quality systems for security that contain wireless technology. These security systems are with equipment that includes sensors, cameras and controls, etc.


  • Mobile app access
  • Contract-free option
  • Cloud video storage
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • If you want contract then it offers long contracts
  • Equipment costs higher

ADT Pulse:

  • Easy to install a security system
  • 6-month return policy
  • Many years of industry experience
  • More monitoring centres
  • Expensive monitoring plans
  • Mobile app control is limited

Key Similarities of ADT vs. Vivint:

There are certain things that are common in both systems. When we compared ADT Pulse vs Vivint, then we also take a look at the similarities between them.

  • The components of both ADT and Vivint security system are the same.
  • The app of both ADT and Vivint has good ratings. It is best for both iPhone and Android users.
  • Both of these companies offer long-term contracting instead of short-term.

Differences of ADT vs. Vivint:

Now, I want to tell the differences between ADT and Vivint. Here you will know about the comparison of ADT pulse vs Vivint:

  • The ADT system is easily installed by yourself but the Vivint requires professional for its installation procedure.
  • The Vivint offers monthly instalments for its billing while the ADT requires complete billing for equipment upfront.
  • ADT has only the option of professional monitoring for 24/7 while Vivint provides both options of self-monitoring and professional monitoring.

System Components of ADT vs. Vivint:

There are many similar components in both of these systems. The sensors of motion, entry and glass break and smart locks are included by both systems. They also have indoor cameras and video doorbells.

The ADT pulse also has a keyring remote that can easily arm and disarm the system even without using the app. The Vivint comes with a panel, an alarm, and a C.O monitor.

Installation of ADT and Vivint:

There are differences in the installation of ADT pulse and the Vivint system. Now take a closer look at the installation of both systems.

Installing ADT:

The installation of ADT does not require any professional. All the parts of the system is pre-programmed and so there is no requirement of any technical knowledge. The camera is the little hardest component to install. When the instructions are followed by step-by-step, you will easily install the system in just an hour.

Installing Vivint:

The installation of Vivint requires professional that can quickly install the system. No worry about the hiring of the professional, because the Vivint offers professional for free installation. The professionals know everything about the system and they are best in their job.

Monitoring with ADT vs. Vivint:

After the installing of your system, now the main question is who is going to monitor the system. The self-monitoring and the professional monitoring are the two options for monitoring the home security. Self-monitoring allows you to monitor your house by using of app. Professional monitoring is monitored by the security of your home by the team members.

Monitoring Options:

The Vivint provides both self-monitoring and professional monitoring options. But keep in mind that the monthly fee from Vivint is compulsory. ADT requires professional monitoring for somehow.

The ADT and Vivint both are battery-powered. So the security systems always work even there is a problem with electricity. Your house will remain safe and secure.

Contracts of ADT and Vivint:

ADT comes with a contract of three years. After the six months of the security system, you pay the contract. Vivint offers two types of contracts. One of the contracts is for about five years and the next contract is for three and a half years.

Moving policies:

The ADT provides the DIY installation and so when you move, you can simply pack up the system and reinstall the system when you need it. But Vivint requires professional for its installing so you again need a professional to pack up the system and pay the installation fee.

 Customer Support of ADT and Vivint:

If you have some problems regarding the system of ADT and Vivint, you can easily contact customer service support by phone. Also, their websites have some helpful hints that help in solving your problem.

ADT Pulse App:

The arming and disarming of the security system is easily done by the ADT pulse app. The app helps to control all the connected devices. It provides Livestream footage and also you will receive push notifications if any alerts. The rating of the app is 3.9 in the Google play store and 4.8 in the Apple store.

Vivint Smart Home App:

All the capabilities of the ADT pulse app have also been presented in the Vivint’s app. But the Vivint Smart Home App also allows seeing and speaking through a video doorbell. The incredible ratings of the app are about 4.6 from the Google Play store and 4.5 from the apple store.

Final View:

Both of the security systems are best in their performance. The technology and the smart features of the security systems provide the surety of the security of your house.

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