Which printer to choose between a laser and an inkjet?

Which printer to choose between a laser and an inkjet? Overwhelmed by the different models and the technologies used. Choosing a printer can prove to be a real ordeal for a non-expert. How can I be sure that I choose the device that meets my exact needs? Should I go for an inkjet printer or a laser printer? In this article, we invite you to see more clearly between laser printing technology and inkjet technology.

Overview of printing technologies

In consumer printers, there are two main families of printers. That you can find in our comparisons with inkjet printers and laser printers. We invite you to understand the differences between these categories.

Inkjet printer

These are the most common printers in French homes, they work through ink cartridges. The technology used consists of spraying micro drops onto the paper in order to print pages of text or images. Generally less expensive to buy than laser printers, it will nevertheless be necessary to replace the ink cartridges fairly regularly. This consumable can be expensive: the average price of an ink cartridge is around 35 €.

At this price, you will be able to print approximately 350 pages of a document. Some models also offer so-called “XL” cartridges allowing even more pages to be printed on the same cartridge. However, pay attention to the choice of printer.

While some printers offer an assortment made up of a black ink cartridge + one cartridge per primary colour (i.e. 4 separate cartridges in total). Other manufacturers have chosen to combine the 3 colours in a single cartridge + a cartridge of black ink.

Although the latter system may seem practical. It suffices for one of the colours to fail for the cartridge to be changed. It is neither economical nor ecological.

Laser printer

These printers are the most economical for those who need to print many pages on a regular basis. Indeed, although they are more expensive and that the refill cartridges are more expensive to buy. A single toner (cartridge) will allow printing many more pages than on an inkjet printer. Count at the bare minimum 1,500 document pages.

Noting that the figure can go up to 5,000 pages without too much difficulty. Unlike the inkjet printer, printing is much more precise and without ink microbrews since it is based on laser technology. However, it should be noted that a laser printer will do less well on photo paper.

Choose the right printer for your needs

Several criteria should be taken into account when choosing your next printer and deciding between laser technology and inkjet printing.

The cost of printing: if you print a lot of predominantly monochrome pages (text documents). The laser printer is a good solution. Conversely, if you only print a few pages per month including photos, we recommend an inkjet printer.

Frequency of printing: While inkjet technology cartridges can dry out over time. If left unloaded, laser printers do not experience this problem.

The initial purchase cost: Depending on the two previous points. It will be necessary to compare the printer models and their prices. Note that a laser printer is more expensive than an inkjet printer.

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