Asus VG278QR Review : Buying Guide

The Asus vg278qr is a perfect quality gaming screen with more than pleasant features. But what especially caught our eye was the announced response time of 0.5ms. With such an announcement on a TN panel, the world of gamers leaps forward. Take us through this product Asus vg278qr review to find out more.

Features of Asus vg278qr

Technical characteristics

  • Weight: 5.1 kg
  • Screen: 24.5 inch
  • Panel: Twisted Nematics (TN)
  • Resolution: 1920 X 1080 (FHD)
  • Response time: 0.5 ms
  • Color palette: 16.7M
  • Refresh rate: 165 Hz
  • Free Sync and G-sync compatible
  • Flicker free, ULMB, Tearing reduction
  • Blue light reduction

Taiwanese manufacturer Asus is always looking for innovation. In the gaming industry, models go fast. The Asus vg278qr is part of this logic of progress and advanced technology. The main feature and mantra of this screen is speed, speed, and more speed. A more than important point for most players and that we find in our comparison of pc gamer screens.

Pros & Cons

  • Response time
  • Wall fixation
  • Good screen mobility
  • Sync technology compatible
  • ULMB, Flicker free, Tearing reduction
  • Color pallet
  • Viewing angles
  • Pre-sets

Full Review Of The Asus Vg258qr Gaming Monitor

The Asus vg278qr is a 24.5-inch display with thin edges. Its design is very classic with a square metal foot, wide, containing a cable tidy. The carcass is in black plastic. The control buttons are located at the back at the bottom right. The screen has some room for movement. It can be tilted within a range of 33 °.

It can be turned in portrait mode, and its height is adjustable to 130 mm. You will find a 100mm Vesa mount to hang your screen on the wall on the back. You will have available an HDMI 1.4, a Display port 1.2, a DVI-D, and a classic 3.5 jack in terms of connectivity.

Slab and resolution

The characteristics of this model from Asus make it a little gem. Mounted on a TN panel, this screen naturally has a good response time. The manufacturer’s engineers have made it even better with a maximum of 0.5 ms, making it simply twice as fast as three-quarters of its counterparts, which run at 1 ms.

The rest of the features are more mundane but do not detract from the whole. You will find a resolution of 1080p (1920 X 1080). So full HD, which is not bad, but not exceptional either. It is not the visual quality that is the most important in this model. The advertised refresh rate is 165 Hz, which is excellent for video games.

Image technologies

To propel it into the high-end category, some technologies have been added to this model. First of all, the Asus vg278qr is equipped with Low Motion Blur (low motion blur). This will, therefore, make it possible to avoid movement trails when it is fast. On top of that, you will have Tearing Reduction, which allows your image to remain stable during the action. Let’s add the Flicker Free (reduced flicker), limiting the effects of flickers due to rapid variations in brightness. And finally, this screen is equipped with technology to reduce the emitted blue light for long-term visual comfort.

Free sync and G-sync

Free Sync technology is available on this gamer screen and is compatible with G-Sync. Your graphics card will therefore synchronize with the display of your monitor for greater image fluidity. Activation is automatic, with no special settings, whether for G-Sync or Free Sync. Your gaming screen will be fast, smooth, and with minimal lag time. It will be a hit with high-speed games such as Overwatch, CSGO, Fortnite, Lol, Valiant …

Color palette and pre-sets

Everything cannot be perfect. The sacrifice required by this screen is made in the color palette. Indeed, as on many TN panels, the colors are a little washed out, and their reproduction a little average. The Asus vg278qr will be suitable for watching your series or your films, but for all that is photo retouching, videos, or editing, we do not recommend this type of model. The accuracy of the color palette is unlikely to satisfy you.

You will notice detail on the pre-sets supplied with the object. They are… original. But not really in a good way. Some push the brightness or the contrasts to the max (kinematic mode) for a rather disappointing, even handicapping rendering, which was probably not the manufacturer’s goal. We suggest you keep the basic pre-set and do your own tweaks if you wish. Everything is editable simply via the menu buttons on the back of the beast.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Asus vg278qr is a perfect model almost exclusively for gaming. Its characteristics propel it among the best screens of the moment. This contains almost all of the additional existing screen technologies. You will find all the classics: ULMB, Flicker-free, Tearing reduction. Add the screen synchronization technologies with the graphics card, and you will have a perfect base with maximum adaptability.

This item uses everything at its disposal to improve the gaming experience. The manufacturer is targeting nervous games here, with FPS and MOBA as the preferred target. Thanks to this type of screen, when the action is swift, you will be able to follow all the players’ movements perfectly without ever being surprised by an unexpected freeze. Remember that your response time will be twice that of your competitors on average. This is a rather significant technological advantage. Even if it is hard to feel the difference at this level, the result will be much closer to your expectations in the case of reflex action.

This screen will probably not give you satisfaction if you want to do photo editing or video editing. The colors are not precise enough overall. But if you are looking for an excellent, high refresh rate gaming monitor, the Asus vg278qr is, without a doubt, one of your best options.

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