Best Quiet Wireless Keyboard | Ultimate Guide

Wireless keyboards are attracting more and more people by a better aesthetic appearance and a certain convenience. These keyboards are powered by one or more batteries, the life of which can vary according to several criteria. These can be keyboards with backlit keys, programmed keys, etc.

Keyboards can communicate with a radio frequency receiver, or a Bluetooth antenna, which receives the information sent by the keyboard. These signals are then transmitted to the operating system which translates them.

In the following lines, we have reviewed some of the best Quiet Wireless Keyboard for you.

  • Jelly Comb| Best Quiet Wireless Keyboard
  • Logitech K800| Wireless Illuminated Keyboard
  • Arteck Wireless Keyboard
  • Logitech MK345| Wireless Combo Full-Sized Keyboard
  • Apple Magic Keyboard
  • Corsair K63 | best mechanical keyboard
  • Logitech K780 | best slim keyboard
  • Logitech K400 Plus | best budget model
  • Cimetech Compact| Full Size Wireless Keyboard
  • FENIFOX USB Full Size Keyboard

1. Jelly Comb Wireless Keyboard| Best Quiet Wireless Keyboard


Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

Reliable 2.4ghz Wireless Connection

Ultra-slim Aluminum Design

Adjustable Dpi Switch

Rechargeable Battery


It is one of the perfect quietest keyboards for you. The keyboard is thin and light. while remaining very solid and of good quality, the fact that the keyboard is rechargeable is an excellent characteristic. The mouse could be a little more ergonomic because it is not more comfortable to hold but not a big deal and more than the job does.

Jelly Comb’s keyboard is so beautiful compared to other brands and you can choose it if you decided to replace your PC desktop keyboard. The set also looks really well constructed. Moreover, quiet touch keyboard is so soft and pleasant.

The silent keys barely make a sound while you typing. There are batteries inside the mouse and with a USB cable, you can recharge the keyboard. The charge can last up to 35hrs but you need 2hr for charging which is highly recommended.

  • The keys are placed with ergonomics design, that makes the use of the keyboard far easy than any other keyboards.
  • The keyboard is lightweight
  • Long battery life to go weeks for normal use
  • Very responsive and no delayed responses
  • The keyboard has not backlit

2. Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard


Brightly backlit keys

Powerful 2.4 GHz wireless connection

Perfect Stroke key system

Easily pair with other Logitech devices

No batteries needed


With a slim and compact design Logitech quiet keyboard is another recommended keyboard for you. The Logitech K800 Plus is convenient due to its comfortable and user-friendly keys.

This keyboard has both easy-to-access arrow and volume controls keys. Keys work silently. It is a perfect HTPC keyboard due to its large 3 inch touchpad. In case of connecting computer to the TV, it is also a great option.

Within a radius of about 10 meters, Logitech silent keyboard offers a wireless performance so it can be used in large conference rooms or in larger rooms.

Note that the wireless range may be different. As it is based on both the configuration of the computer and the environment where the keyboard is placed.

  • Highest level of compatibility
  • Supports operating systems such as Chrome OS, Android (5.0 and later), and Windows (7/8/10 and later).
  • Provides comfortable smooth, and ergonomic control
  • Move around without any interruption
  • No rechargeable battery, but it comes with lifespan long enough to be used

3. Arteck Wireless Keyboard


Easy Setup

Ergonomic design

Stainless steel material

6-Month Battery Life

Ultra-Thin and Light


Arteck Wireless Keyboard is lightweight but has stability and heft from its chrome underside. The keys have a nice touch, just a little more than a laptop keyboard. The layout has everything you need. It can be stable on your desk and you will be completely satisfied with the price as well.

It is fit for three requirements, including 1) wireless (USB), 2) separate numeric keypad, and 3) sufficiently small to carry back and forth to the office in a backpack.

  • Rechargeable and high capacity battery that last long for 6 months
  • Ergonomic design offers comfortable typing
  • Can be setup easily by inserting the nano USB receiver into computer
  • 24-month warranty
  • The keys are not backlit

4. Logitech MK345 Wireless Combo Full-Sized Keyboard


Full-size keyboard layout

Comfortable right-handed mouse

Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connection

3-year keyboard and 18-month mouse battery life

Compatible with chrome and windows OS


The Logitech Wireless Combo MK345 set consists of a comfortable standard size keyboard and a right-handed mouse. The keyboard has a comfortable, textured, splash-resistant wrist rest. Quiet wireless keyboard has a shiny finish and includes an illuminated caps lock indicator.

The mouse has a battery indicator and a large wheel. It offers precise tracking. Enjoy the reliability worthy of a wired device, with the freedom and convenience of wireless mode.

The package offers a long battery life (36 months for the keyboard and 18 months for the mouse) due to its energy-efficient design.

You can mute, skip to the next audio track, or pause your video with 12 advanced function keys. The lifespan of the mouse batteries may vary depending on the environment and how it is used.

  • Standard size keyboard
  • High precision comfortable mouse
  • Logitech 2.4 GHz advanced wireless connection
  • Long-lasting autonomy
  • 12 F keys designed for multimedia control
  • It is not a mechanical keyboard

5. Apple Magic Keyboard


Extended layout

Navigation controls for quick scrolling

A scissor mechanism beneath each key allows for increased stability


The Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad is an extended keyboard that offers navigation controls for quick scrolling and standard size arrow keys for games.

And its scissor mechanism ensures better key stability, while its lowered profile and optimized keystroke provide user comfort and typing precision.

The numeric keypad is ideal for spreadsheets and financial applications. And since the integrated battery offers long-term autonomy, your keyboard is operational for at least a month between two charges.

This quiet wireless keyboard automatically associates with your Mac using a Lightning to USB cable. And with the integrated Bluetooth wireless technology, you benefit from a reliable and secure connection up to a distance of 9 meters.

The Magic Keyboard knows when it is in use and intelligently manages its battery to extend its autonomy.

  • Provide a precise and comfortable typing experience
  • Incredible long-lasting battery life
  • Expansion and Connections: Lightning port, Bluetooth, & Wireless
  • Built-in rechargeable battery and sleek design
  • It does not has a backlit

6. Corsair K63 | best mechanical keyboard


Anodized brushed aluminum frame

8MB profile storage with hardware macro and lighting playback

CHERRY MX mechanical key switches

Compatible with Xbox One to play keyboard enabled games


If you like to play the Corsair K63 gaming keyboard is ideal for you. And this best quiet wireless keyboard Keep your avatars alive and have an even more immersive gaming experience.

With this mechanical gaming keyboard featuring wireless technology and ultra-fast 1 ms 2.4 GHz gaming-optimized software that creates effects dynamic lighting. 1 ms 2.4 GHz wireless gaming technology optimized for gaming for an excellent performance.

Bluetooth technology provides versatile connectivity. Its 128-bit AES encryption protects the transmission of your data. Bright LED backlighting provides customization and dynamic lighting with Corsair Utility Engine (CUE).

Removable soft texture palm rest provides the comfort you need to enhance your gaming experience.

  • Compact and portable without the Tenkey option
  • Dedicated volume and multimedia controls
  • Up to 15 hours of wireless battery life
  • Anti-duplication keys
  • Windows key lock mode prevents accidental pressing of context menu and function keys
  • It doesn’t have a USB port on the keyboard. It only has a micro USB to connect for charging.

7. Logitech K780 | best slim keyboard


Multi-device wireless keyboard

Comfortable typing

Integrated phone and tablet stand

Wide compatibility

Two-year battery life*


The K780 multi-device keyboard is a fully equipped computer keyboard with a numeric keypad and a superior finish which also works perfectly with smartphones and tablets.

Enjoy quiet and comfortable typing on the best quiet keyboard for typing keyboard, easily switching between all devices on which you type text. It works on PC, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS. The K780 is distinguished by its original design.

So in addition to its round keys reminiscent of those of old mechanical typewriters, its base in grainy black plastic rests indeed on a rim in spotted white rubber, for a rather airy rendering and in any case unusual.

  • Pleasant punch and good built-in quality.
  • Original design, long autonomy
  • Multi-device: up to 3 devices connected to the keyboard and immediate switch from one to the other.
  • Smartphone or tablet location
  • No backlight.
  • Fixed tilt

8. Logitech K400 Plus | best budget model


Wireless TV keyboard with touchpad

Compact and slim

10 meter (33 foot) wireless range

Plug and play design


With a built-in touchpad, the Logitech Wireless Desktop K400 wireless keyboard can be connected to your TV or computer. With a wireless range of about 10 meters, this keyboard offers great convenience.

So Due to its Unifying receiver connected to a USB port, this keyboard is ready to be used as soon as it is delivered. You will not have to make any adjustments. However, a configuration is required for uses on Windows 7 or Windows 8.

This keyboard is powered by two simple AA batteries, which allows you to have spare in a drawer where, and avoid losing control of your computer and your screen in the middle of a selection of film or d ‘important internet browsing. This silent computer keyboard is part of the famous group of ready-to-use wireless devices.

It’s easy to install: just plug the mini receiver into a USB port on your computer, and you can start using the keyboard directly. No need for installation CD-ROMs, drivers to download, or other manipulation.

  • Compact and slim
  • Wireless TV keyboard with touchpad
  • Quite and comfortable keys and large touchpad
  • Ensure easy connection is the largest room
  • Media-friendly key layout
  • It’s not Bluetooth but can connect the USB transceiver of the keyboard to the USB port of the surface

9. Cimetech Compact Full Size Wireless Keyboard


Slim and Ergonomic Design

Less Noise&Profile Keys Typing

Fast Operation 2.4G Wireless Plug and Play

High Precision

Compatible Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo


This wireless keyboard comes with ultra fine keys, high-end ABS finish, makes the keyboard and mouse quite bright and modern on the desk. This silent ergonomic keyboard weighs only 418 g which gives it a very elegant, compact and elegant appearance.

It has a full-size keyboard layout, a numeric keypad, 12 F keys, and multimedia controls such as movies, music, the Internet, email, play/pause, volume, and more.

Just use a small nano receiver to connect the keyboard and mouse to your computer, built-in reliable chip, 2.4 GHz wireless technology provides a powerful connection, provides a reliable 10m wireless range.

Compatible systems are Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista (not compatible with Mac, OS system).

  • Advanced 2.4 GHz Plug & Play configuration
  • With a sensitive optical lens and high response rate the mouse works freely on most office surfaces.
  • Contoured mice provide hand support
  • Maximum and productive comfort in real size
  • Soft on the skin and antiperspirant on your fingers.
  • Multimedia keys and side mouse buttons are not compatible with Mac OS.

10. FENIFOX USB Full Size Keyboard


Full Size & Ultra-thin Keyboard

Whisper Quiet Button

Ergonomic Design

Adjustable Dpi Switch

Wide Compatibility including MAC OS


This is one of the best silent keyboards. Both the mouse and keyboard work from a single USB receiver, which is nice, not taking up a second port. Both are sturdy and sleek and the mouse click is very quiet and the keyboard mimics an apple external board. The keyboard spacing is suitable.

The ergonomics of the keys are very good. The button stroke is long enough and the rebound is very comfortable. The height of the keyboard is adjustable in two steps, which is quite satisfactory. Generally included are portable. However, this support foot is bigger and more stable.

The keyboard support is very comfortable, and typing for a long time will not be uncomfortable. The portable keyboard used before, especially the cursor keys, is very small and troublesome. This quiet keyboard wireless is very comfortable.

The palm rest is designed reasonably, and the wrist is not sour and not tired. The function keys are enough and rich enough to be cool.

Moreover, the size of the mouse is right and the feel is excellent. The pointer is flexible, mobile, and sensitive.

  • Easy and stable connection to your devices
  • Ultra-thin and full-size keyboard
  • Ergonomic design
  • Wide Compatibility
  • It is not a backlit keyboard

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn on a wireless keyboard?

If your keyboard has an “On/Off” button, just press it. If there is no button, your keyboard is automatically activated as soon as it is used.

How to connect a wireless keyboard to a tablet?

If your tablet has a USB socket, you can connect your keyboard wirelessly using the dongle supplied with it. If your tablet does not have a USB socket, you can only connect keyboards designed for tablets.

How do I connect a wireless keyboard to a computer?

You can connect your keyboard wirelessly with the dongle provided. Your computer should automatically recognize it.

How do I activate a wireless keyboard?

Some keyboards automatically go to sleep when not in use. Usually, you only need to press a button to reactivate it.

How does the wireless keyboard work?

It works by wave. Either by radio frequency (but these models hardly exist anymore), or by Bluetooth, which has become the current standard.


When buying your keyboard, you will be faced with multiple choices and different brands. The result of this comparative test for best Quiet Wireless Keyboard has already helped you to form a better opinion.

If you particularly like minimalism, prefer a keyboard with simple lines, without a numeric or touchpad. Some people like the presence of a digital keyboard, but if you have large fingers, choose a fairly large one.

The backlight is very pretty, often chosen by gamers. If you work with your keyboard in broad daylight or in a well-lit office, it will be useless.

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