Is Vivint a Good Security System?

Vivint Smart Home Review

Many Home Security systems ensure the security of houses and apartments. Among many models of Home Security, one of the best security systems is a Vivint Security system. Now all of you have a question in your mind about is Vivint a good security system or not. Vivint Security system is a good choice for home security. It is a good security system that contains smart home features. The mobile app easily controls the functions of the Vivint security system.

The Vivint Home Security System is made by the latest and smart home tech that ensures the protection of your home. It is a smart home automation system that is very convenient to use than all other Home Security Systems. It assures the professional monitoring of your house 24/7. The equipment of the Vivint security system is a little pricey and also the installation process is done by professionals.

  • Professional installation
  • High-quality outdoor and indoor cameras
  • Excellent video doorbell
  • Best in performance
  • Offers remote control
  • Expensive Security System
  • DIY installation

Smart Home monitoring and pricing

The monitoring plans of the Vivint include smart security, smart home, and smart home video. The monitoring includes automated door locks and lights. The Vivint’s monitoring prices are mid-range when you compared this security system to traditional home security systems.

The Smart Home and Smart Home Video plan provides the access to all gadgets of the Vivint system. If you want the base-level plan, then it also provides the Vivint equipment with access to its mobile.


In the article about is Vivint a good security system, we will tell you the contract detail of the Vivint security system. The contract with Vivint is up to five years. If you do not want to contract then you can go contract-free. But keep in mind the equipment of the Vivint is expensive.

Technology and Equipment of Vivint Smart Home

The equipment of the Vivint is designed by them and the equipment is made by using very cool features that everyone will want to try. Vivint is one of the big and best security companies that made its equipment.

Best Security Equipment

Vivint has all the basic equipment that keeps the house safe. The basic equipment of Vivint includes sensors of door, motion, glass break, carbon monoxide, and water. Other equipment includes smoke detectors.

Cameras of the Vivint security System

Vivint has both camera models of outdoor and indoor. Also, the Vivint has a doorbell camera. All the cameras are best in their performance.

Outdoor camera pro

The outdoor camera pro of Vivint is the best model of outdoor camera. This outdoor camera has been featured with motion sensors and also provides a clear HD video. Moreover, the camera contains a 4K image sensor that gives the zoom-in feature. It allows closing on images and enables us to see things more clearly.

Ping Indoor camera

The ping indoor camera contains the best feature of calling through the App. When the top button of the camera is pressed, it instantly will call you by using the Vivint App. Ping indoor camera is the best option for your younger child who does not use mobile phones.

Doorbell Camera Pro

The doorbell camera pro is a good camera to use. You can see who is on the door by its video doorbells feature. The Vivint doorbell camera pro offers a good resolution of video of 1080p. Further, it has the best-advanced features like person detection.

Home automation

Vivint is best to easily automate with all devices in the house. The control panel of the security system uses Z-wave. It is a radio frequency that can easily perform the home automation process. All the devices are paired up by it. The Vivint security system is with features of smart door locks and smart thermostats.

Mobile app

The control panel of the Vivint security system can easily control all functions. The mobile app of Vivint can also do perform every action and from anywhere. You can perform different functions at the same time. You can live-streams through your camera and at the same time, you can easily unlock the front door.

Vivint Car Guard

The Vivint car guard is the new monitoring device for cars from the Vivint. It keeps your car safe and ensures the security of your car. The Vivint system can also add the Vivant Car Guard device and you can also use the Vivint car guard alone. This car guard is made of anti-theft and anti-vandalism features.

Features of Vivint Car Guard

There are many best features of this car guard:

  • The devices will alert you when it detected the car got bumped or someone broke any part of the car.
  • The car guard has location tracking and geofencing features. It will tell the position of the car if you do not know where the teens are driving the car.
  • It also sends you speed alerts if your teen children will drive very fast.
  • The Vivint guard is easily connected by the Home Security app and the system of the Vivint.
  • It diagnostic your car if your car will need some maintenance.

The price of the Car Guard device is about 200-dollar. The 10-dollar per month only requires access to alerts and the Vivint app.


The installation of the equipment of Vivint requires professionals. They are professionally installed. The installation tech easily installs the Vivint’s equipment. So you will have to contact professionals for the installation of the Vivint Home Security system.

The only downside of the professional installation is that you will pay a fee of installation to professionals but you will satisfy that the Vivint Security System is perfectly installed by the professionals.

Customer Service experience

If there seems any problem, the Vivint provides best customer service and tries best to solve the problems of every person. The problems are instantly solved by its customer service.

We hope that you will be finding your answer about is Vivint a good security system through the reading of this article.


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