What is the difference between a m2 ssd and a 2.5 ssd?

What is the difference between a m2 ssd and a 2.5 ssd? If you are looking for an internal solid state drive , you have surely heard of the 2.5 ″ and M.2 models. So which one should you take? Is there one better than the other? Do they serve the same thing? It’s true that when you compare them, they look like two radically different components. With this article we will try to answer as many of your questions as possible.

SSD Format Definitions

2.5 ″

This is the “classic” format . It is also the most popular. It is the same format as mechanical hard drives. The 2.5 ″ format is reserved for laptops .

What is the difference between a m2 ssd and a 2.5 ssd?


To meet an increasingly demanding demand, brands sell caseless hard drives in M.2 format. These SSDs are compatible with the NVMe protocol which allows to take advantage of a super maximum read transfer rate of 2500 MB / sec.


Brands like Samsung, for example, offer their M.2 hard drives in two versions: one for desktop PCs and the other for laptops. Compared to the M.2 format, remember to check that your computer’s motherboard incorporates this connection.


M.2 format

Here is the new fashionable format. It is the successor to the mSATA format . Its performance is also clearly optimized compared to the latter. The speed can go up to 10Gb / s . Currently, all the most efficient motherboards on the market have this format. M.2 offers the possibility of using various kinds of daughter cards: Wi-Fi, WWAN, USB, PCIe, but also SSD in SATA. M.2 cards are sold in various lengths and widths.

SSD 2.5

If you plan to assemble your PC, we advise you to go for a motherboard with an M.2 port. If you already have a configuration (tablet, assembled computer or ultrabook that you want to upgrade), check the specifics of your equipment for the presence or absence of this type of port. If so, buy M.2!

Another strong point with this format: you will not touch the classic disk location, which offers the possibility of accumulating SSD and mechanical disk in order to save your data. Thus, the SSD is used less, and the performance of the latter can thus be dedicated to the operating system and to the various programs.

SATA Format (2.5 ″ Disk)

This is the classic format, similar to that of old mechanical discs . Apart from M.2 which offers a higher bit rate, all of the other formats offer a similar bit rate.

If you have a laptop PC, you will have to choose between keeping your old hard drive or switching to SDD. If you choose the second option, turn to an SSD large enough to be able to put all of your data. If you have a tower, and it does not contain a 2.5 ″ slot, know that there are 3.5 ″ to 2.5 ″ adapters available for less than ten euros.

FAQ: M.2 SSD vs. SSD 2.5

M.2: what sizes?

The M.2 format offers different widths (12, 16, 22 and 30mm) and different lengths (16, 26, 30, 38, 42, 60, 80 and 110mm) for a card. They are thinner than the 2.5 ″. Plan to measure your location before making the purchase.

M.2: which interfaces?

The M.2 format was manufactured to accommodate different categories of interfaces. The two most popular are SATA 3 and PCIe NVMe .

Are M.2s faster than 2.5s?

M.2s offer faster transfer speeds than 2.5 inches. However, performance also depends on the controller present on the host system used by the hard disks, the internal configuration and the controller of each hard disk.

What is the difference between 2.5 inch and M.2 formats?

Faced with all these acronyms, it can be difficult to navigate. So, let’s do a tune-up. The term “M.2” defines a physical form. For the words “SATA” and “PCIe”, they define a storage interface. The major difference is in the performance and protocol of the M.2 hard drive. The M.2 format guarantees compatibility with the SATA and PCIe interfaces of SSD hard drives. The 2.5 inch is actually a hard drive format.

And the price ?

It all depends on the brands. For example, at the Crucial group, there is no price difference between 2.5 inches and M.2. However, as a general rule, M.2 NVMe SSDs are more expensive than M.2 SATA SSDs since they offer much better performance.


Remember that the 2.5 inch format is the most classic and the most popular . Prefer the latter for a classic laptop PC. Its price is often lower than the M.2.

If, on the other hand, you want higher performance , choose M.2. This format has thinner batteries and offers a flow much greater than 2.5 inches. Thus, the loading times are reduced. In addition, several variants are offered on the market.

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