Graphics Tablet With Or Without Screen?

Whatever your artistic discipline. When choosing a graphics tablet, you will have to decide between two types of tablets  : with or without a screen . The shortcut to the question would be to say that beginners should look to a screenless tablet. While artists at the more advanced level should consider a tablet with a screen. Today we take a closer look at the differences between these two products.

Graphics Tablet With Or Without Screen, The Common Points

Whether it’s with an on-board display or not, graphics tablets all have some basic things in common. Let’s start by mentioning the stylus (sensitive to more or less pressure levels).Which therefore allows, as you have probably guessed. To draw on the surface. Then comes a number of physical buttons to assign freely to the functionalities of your software (shortcuts). Finally, in both cases, the tablet needs to be connected to a computer to be usable.

Tablet Without Screen: A Question Of Budget Above All

The major difference from a tablet without a screen is that you have to draw. And watch its layout on a remote monitor (your computer screen). This point may confuse more than one, especially if you are used to drawing on paper. However, a surface without an integrated display will be much more affordable to purchase in general. It is for the sum of these two reasons that a basic tablet is often recommended to beginners . However, if you are confident and want to invest in quality hardware that can last for years to come. We recommend a tablet with a display instead.

The Holy Grail Of Graphics Tablets: The Integrated Screen

Unlike the screenless tablet, it offers unparalleled comfort in use. Although its use requires a connection with a computer. It is no longer worth looking at the screen of the latter. The tablet transcribes what you draw on its screen in real time. In itself, we are visually close to the real drawing. If we forget the sensation of the mine on the paper. Difficult to reproduce with this type of material. Unlike those without a display. The price is obviously higher for this type of product. As you can see in our article on graphics tablets with screens . The reason for this is simple. It is the material cost of an additional HD panel. As well as the retransmission technologies that accompany it.

Make Your Choice According To Your Artistic Profile

To summarize, here are our tips to help you decide:

If you are a beginner in digital drawing. That you already know how to draw and that you have a little budget. We recommend that you choose a tablet with a screen .

If you are new to drawing. Learning to draw. And want to learn drawing on a computer at the same time. We recommend that you start with a tablet without a screen.


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