Best Free Password Keeper For Android

You are never encouraged to use any obvious passwords in today’s world. That’s because hackers are smart enough to crack them and get hold of your accounts. You need to make sure that you are using strong and unique passwords for each and every online account that you have. While you are trying to do this, you will come across the challenge of remembering the passwords. This is where you can think about getting your hands on the best free password manager available out there for Android.

best free password keeper for android List

Following are the best free password keeper for Android options available for you to consider. You may go through the list and pick the best password manager to proceed with.

  1. 1Password | best free password manager 2020
  2. Bitwarden | best password manager app
  3. Dashlane | The Best For Security-focused Extras
  4. LastPass | best free password keeper for android
  5. LogMeOnce Password Management | best password manager for Android
  6. 1U Password Manager | The Best For Password Organization

1. 1Password – best free password manager 2020


1Password was created as a browser extension to help people with saving their passwords. However, it has evolved to become one of the best multi-platform password managers. If you are looking to buy the best free password manager, you may take a look at this option and move forward with it. It will deliver all the support that you need to keep the passwords in place. There is no user tracking done by the company as well. However, you will be able to sync the passwords across the cloud accounts that you have such as iCloud and Dropbox.

  • It comes to you with a free 30-day trial
  • You can save the passwords locally and sync them
  • It offers excellent encryption to passwords
  • The premium plans are quite expensive

2. Bitwarden – best password manager app


If you are keen to go ahead with an open source tool to store your passwords, you need to make sure that you are using Bitwarden. It provides you with the chance to generate secure passwords for your online accounts and store them in a secure way. In addition to that, you can allow Bitwarden app to auto fill the passwords on the major internet browsers that you are using. Therefore, you will be able to get all the support needed to keep your accounts secure with the help of this tool. It is an ideal product available for you to keep encrypted data and passwords at all times.

  • This app works with Android OS like a charm
  • You can add up to 1GB of files and store them in encrypted mode
  • You can share this tool with your family members
  • There is no trial version to test all premium features before you buy.

3. Dashlane – The Best For Security focused Extras


Dashlane is the best free password manager that you can buy and use. Along with the free version, you will be getting the chance to store up to 50 different files stored at a time. You will not just be able to use this tool and save passwords. It is also possible for you to save many other login details saved in a convenient manner while using this. All the passwords that you save with Dashlane are stored in an encrypted database. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about allowing any other person to get hold of the passwords.

  • It is compatible with all major internet browsers
  • Free version is more than enough for your use
  • You can get a user friendly interface with this password manager
  • The premium version price is too steep

4. LastPass – best free password keeper for android


LastPass is one of the most reputed password storing tools available to use. You will be able to experience numerous benefits when you purchase the LastPass password manager by making a payment of $36 per year. For example, you will be able to store your passwords in a convenient manner with the help of this tool. You will also be able to store the login details and credentials to different online accounts that you have. The information you enter from your desktop can be accessed from the LastPass Android app. That’s because the app will sync all your data across multiple platforms. This can provide a helping hand to you with making your life easy. Along with the premium subscription of LastPass, you will be able to get 1GB encrypted storage space as well. Due to all these reasons, you can call it as the best free password keeper for android that you can use as of now

  • It is available to you at an affordable price
  • It will sync your passwords across different devices
  • You can get multi-factor authentication from it
  • A security vulnerability associated with LastPass was reported in the recent past

5. LogMeOnce Password Management – best password manager for Android


If you are trying hard to locate the best password manager for Android, you may take a look at LogMeOnce Password Management because of all the premium features that will come along with it. It offers numerous features in the free version and you cannot get them from the other competitor products that we are reviewing in this article. For example, you can use LogMeOnce Password Management and sync your passwords across different platforms including Android, iOS, Linux and Mac OS. There are multiple authentication methods available with LogMeOnce Password Management as well. You can also receive a streamlined interface with it.

  • It offers encrypted protection to your passwords
  • You can get a user-friendly interface.
  • You can use the tool and store your credit card data as well.
  • Two-factor authentication will cost you money.

6. 1U Password Manager – The Best For Password Organization


1U Password Manager has been able to receive lots of positive attention because of the biometric authentication features that come along with it. This is a basic password manager available for you to use. However, you can get a strong functionality out of the tool to get your work done in a convenient manner. The Android app interface is ideal for the people who don’t come from a technical background. You can easily sync your passwords among multiple devices while you are using 1U Password Manager. On the other hand, it offers excellent authentication features to you as well. Secured passwords can easily be shared through the app interface itself.

  • It offers secure password sharing
  • You can use predefined templates for the popular websites
  • You can sync passwords among multiple devices
  • Syncing process is completely automatic
  • Password generator is quite weak.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use a password manager?
Remembering multiple passwords that you are using for different accounts will never be an easy thing to do. You will often forget the passwords. This is why you need to be careful to use a strong password manager like the ones that we recommended.

Can I generate a new password with password keeper?
Yes, you can use the password keeper app in order to generate new and strong passwords as well. If you don’t want to go through the manual process of coming up with new passwords, you can take a look at this feature.

How to pick the best password keeper?
It is better if you can carefully go through the reviews available about password keepers on the internet before you select an option. Then you will be able to get all the support needed to locate the best password keeper that is available for purchase in the market.

best free password keeper for android Buyer’s guide

Make sure that you stick to the below criteria when you are trying to get your hands on the best free password keeper for Android.

Encryption method

Encryption will help you to provide enhanced protection to the password that you are storing on the password manager. Therefore, you need to have a clear understanding about the encryption method that the password manager is using.

Password syncing

It is better if you can get password syncing capabilities with the password manager. Then you can have the password synced across different computers and devices that you are using. It will make the life easy for you while using the password manager.

Two factor authentication

Since the password keeper is storing all your passwords, you need to make sure that it has the highest level of protection. This is why you should go for a password keeper that offers two factor authentication to you. Then you can keep the peace of mind because no other person can easily access your passwords.

Streamlined interface

The password keeper that you use should provide you with a streamlined interface as well. Then you will be able to get your work done out of the password manager with ease. This can provide a convenient overall experience to you when dealing with your passwords at all times.


Now you have a clear understanding on how to evaluate the different options available in the market and buy the best password manager that is available for you to use. Make sure that you focus on these tips and get hold of the best password manager at the end of the day. It can deliver a great experience to you.

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