Samsung X5 External SSD Review

Here is a high-quality SSD, we can even say that it is the rolls of external hard drives! If you are looking for a solid, compact, and powerful SSD, then you have come to the right place with the Samsung X5 portable SSD. Its strengths are numerous: speed, NVMe internal interface as well as Thunderbolt 3 connectivity. These three points give it the possibility of offering first-rate performance. With a version with a capacity of 1 TB, this model mainly targets users whose PC is hungry for storage. This SSD also comes with a temperature management feature. Security is optimal with, in particular, the presence of password protection. let’s discuss more Samsung X5 external SSD review.

What design for this model?

This SSD hard drive offers a larger format than a blue card. Offering dimensions of 199 x 62 mm, this model reveals a length similar to a classic PC mouse. Looks-wise, it doesn’t look like the Samsung T5 at all. Dressed in a beautiful shiny grey, this accessory is long. Regarding the underside of the SSD, it reveals a splendid racing red, reinforcing the premium aspect of the disc. The brand also offers a sublime carmine red sole. Thus, this model is really high-end at first glance and greatly succeeds in its bet in terms of look. The contrast obtained is really interesting thanks in particular to the presence of an oblong shell made of sober metal.

This hard drive offers an alloy composed of black magnesium as well as a non-slip matte back . The latter allows the hard drive not to slip inadvertently. The red color on the back contrasts perfectly with the black and provides a beautiful sporty appearance. Thus, this is ideally in line with the power claimed by this SSD.

Ergonomics and design

In the shell, which can be compared to a miniature roof box, the Samsung brand manages to show us its undeniable expertise. The X5 offers a flawless design. So even if you drop the disc more than two meters, it won’t even have a crack. Its solidity is formidable. This model is really different from the M.2 SSD cases on the market, which are mostly quite classic and made with plastic titanium . A true mix of technology, the external Samsung X5 is made of a plate with rich and varied connections. Thus, you will find in particular a connector, a controller as well as a Thunderbolt 3 port. Regarding the heat sink, it is extremely efficient. The frame is for its part very robust, the whole being integrated into a metal shell, and encompassed by a red sole made of plastic. This model has a much more powerful controller than the controllers found in NVMe USB-C boxes from China.

Who is this SDD for?

The Samsung External SSD 5 primarily targets professionals but not only. The model may also be suitable for those who need to transfer fairly large files. However, if you are not in these categories but still want a fast and efficient hard drive, and you have the budget, we obviously recommend that you buy this model. Note that this template is not intended for quick copying of a few files. It mainly targets enlightened professionals and amateurs, above all looking for performance . They will see a real difference in use. Thus, the performance obtained can exceed that of modern Apple machines, equipped with a significant internal storage.

This SDD can also accommodate large projects and will thus offer you the possibility of saving several minutes, without reaching the exorbitant price of many hard drives in RAID. While not for everyone, it will quickly become a must-have piece of equipment if you need it. Otherwise, you can turn to our selection of external hard drive SSD which deals with the best current equipment.

On the other hand, we warn you since this accessory will only work on modern Macs, equipped with USB-C and ThunderBolt 3 ports . So if you want to link this SSD via USB-C to USB A adapter, it won’t work. Your PC will tell you that it needs to be connected with a Thunderbolt port. If you have an iMac with Thunderbolt 2, you just won’t be able to use the model. Ditto if you want to use the x5 with a basic USB-C cable on your Mac. The latter will tell you to connect it with ThunderBolt. Not so practical.

Speed: the key word

The Samsung brand wanted to go straight to the point with this model. Thus, in the box, you will find in particular an SSD hard drive as well as a USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 cable. Once purchased, you can use the drive directly. The speeds promised by the brand are excellent with a sequential read speed of 2800 MB / s and 2100 MB / s write for the 500 GB model. For the 1 TB and 2 TB models, the write speed will be 2300 MB / s.

During the first use, the brand’s software will launch to allow you to rename the SSD and protect it with a password. Note that the latter will be encrypted in AES 256 bits . To get a precise idea of ​​the level of performance offered by this hard drive, we carried out a test. Thus, we connected the disc in Thunderbolt 3 on a MacBook Pro and it took us about five short seconds to transfer a 10 GB file. You will understand, the speed is there! We are indeed facing the fastest SSD on the market . If you’re looking for a solid, reliable, and fast drive to maximize your PC’s capabilities, you can’t beat it!

Consistency of performance and interface

SSD disks offered in this format decrease their performance when the temperature becomes too high for optimal operation. This model is no exception. Thus, you will be able to make it slow down at the speeds of the Samsung T5. However, if this is the case, the conditions come out of actual conventional use. With such processing, even the 1TB SSD will fill up very quickly and thus storage restrictions will be quickly reached (just a few minutes). Take into account that in classic intensive conditions, this model manages to maintain its level of performance. Another point to take into account: it does not heat up.

Note that the TRIM command (offering the possibility for the hard disk to keep a constant level of performance despite continuous writing and deletion of information) does not encounter any problems in Thunderbolt 3, while it is not compatible with disks external SSD drives to USB on macOS. Moreover, even specific software like TRIM Enabler fails to activate it.


If you move around a lot, don’t worry: you can take your SSD hard drive with you. Samsung has thought of everything since the SSD has software with which you can perform hardware encryption of the data . You can then protect them with a simple password. In addition, it will be able to face and withstand violent falls from a height of over two meters.

  • Look
  • Optimal performance
  • Large storage space
  • Fairly high price

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