Which Brands Of Laptop Computers Should You Absolutely Avoid?

In the laptop computer world, not all brands are created equal. Although the rankings should be taken with a grain of salt because of the very different models that a brand can offer, it does appear that some manufacturers are, on average, more reliable than others.

Today, we invite you to approach the subject from a slightly different angle since we are going to focus on which brands of laptops to avoid.. Of course, this article is totally subjective and is based on feedback from the editorial staff and those around us. It is quite possible that you have an HP and that your model satisfies you entirely while in my case, I never really liked this material and especially the configurations that I could have in my hands were dubious (slowness , lack of memory, etc.).

The Two Brands Of Laptop To Absolutely Avoid

If we had to name only two brands of computers to avoid in all cases, the elected would be Packard Bell and Toshiba. Let’s take a closer look at what’s wrong with these two manufacturers.

Packard Bell: cheap PCs … and not powerful enough

Packard Bell generally produces laptops at bargain prices… despite the quality of the components inside. Computers of this brand, one of the cheapest on the market, have failed to keep up with Windows updates. Indeed, no need to hope to have a fluid computer running Windows 10 with Packard Bell .

The manufacturer had a good reputation in the past, however, this is explained by the fact that previous versions of Windows were not as greedy in material resources (RAM, CPU). However, there are solutions to optimize RAM and the latest iterations of W10 solve a good part of the problem. No, the only defect of PB lies in the price / power correlation.

Toshiba: a controversial selection of internal components

Toshiba is a brand that had the wind in its sails for many years. For financial reasons and especially poor internal management of the company, Toshiba gradually sank until it lost its hard-won notoriety. Today, Toshiba still offers the flagship model of its range , the Toshiba Satellite . Although the latter continues to evolve over time, the choice of the combination of components is quite controversial. Ultimately, Toshiba laptops remain expensive and low in quality. This explains the reason why we do not recommend buying laptops from this manufacturer.

Vigilance On Three Brands Of Laptops

Following our numerous tests and opinions, we were able to highlight three brands of laptops for which the characteristics will have to be carefully studied on a case by case basis. Indeed, the following brands are not to be strictly canceled (unlike Packard Bell and Toshiba) and the choice will be made according to the computer in question and your needs. Let’s say that for simple office automation and fast surfing on the internet, these brands will be more than enough.

But if you want more, like games or other greedy professional applications, you will have to opt for brands but also a much higher price. If you follow our articles, we have also made an article on recommended brands and we find the 3 cited. Nothing inconsistent, remember that it all depends on what you do with it and especially on your budget.

Acer: poor balance of components

Acer is a brand that has been operating as a laptop manufacturer for many years. Only, surely wishing to lower the prices of its computers and offer them at very attractive prices, Acer would have “forgotten” to work on the balance of computer configurations. Indeed, there will regularly be a significant amount of RAM and a hard drive with high storage capacity. However, the processor and dedicated graphics card quite frequently lag behind on these budget laptops. The whole of the PC is seen slowing down and as we say in everyday language “it trains”!

HP: when solidity is lacking

HP is a brand that has nevertheless weighed heavily in the past, as a pioneer in the field of personal computers. Over time, the brand has not really been able to renew itself and develop its configurations in accordance with user demand. HP also suffers from a bad reputation, probably because of the chassis of its laptops, often making it plastic and weak. We will therefore pay great attention to the case and the hinge of the screen of an HP laptop if you have one.

Lenovo: too great a disparity between models

Unlike HP, Lenovo has a reputation for making strong hinges and cases for its laptops. A heavy brand in the computer industry, Lenovo originally produced computers for professional use. Over time, it diversified to offer computers for the general public. Like Acer, Lenovo has also chosen to play in the field of discount computers for some of its models. And as for Acer, we unfortunately find unbalanced configurations, the solidity aspect of the computer being still present in the case of Lenovo.

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