Best Smartphone For Older Person

Are you willing to purchase a new mobile phone for your parents? Or are you a parent who wishes to purchase a new mobile phone that you can use to get your work done in a convenient manner? Then you should think about getting your hands on the best smartphone for older person. There are numerous options available for you to consider when you are planning to buy such a mobile phone.

However, we thought of recommending the best ones out of them, so that you can make an informed decision and buy the ideal product to match with your needs.

  • Google Pixel XL – best smartphone for older person
  • Alcatel QUICKFLIP 4044C – smartphone guide for seniors
  • Ushining 3G Unlocked – how to use a smartphone for seniors
  • Nokia 3310 TA-1036 – best smartphone for parents
  • BLU Advance 5.0
  • Snapfon ezTWO – senior citizen phone

1. Google Pixel XL | best smartphone for older person


  • 2.4GHz quad core processor.
  • 12.3MP camera.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • You can get a bright and a clear display out of it.
  • The photos that you capture on the smartphone would be great.
  • The smartphone would offer battery to survive a day.
  • You will only get a USB Type C port along with the phone.

Google Pixel XL is a phone that has been there for quite some time. However, it is still a functional mobile phone. If you are looking for the best smartphone for parents, you may take a look at this and go ahead with it. The Google Pixel XL smartphone comes to you with a 5.5: AMOLED display. It has a quad HD processor as well. Therefore, you can receive a smooth experience out of the features that are available with the smartphone. It has a 12.3MP camera as well.

2. Alcatel QUICKFLIP 4044C | smartphone guide for seniors


  • 4G LTE technology.
  • HD voice.
  • Flip Phone design.
  • Battery would last for more than one day.
  • It offers clear sounds to the users.
  • It is a simple phone with simple controls.
  • You cannot get a camera with the phone.

Alcatel QUICKFLIP 4044C is a 4G LTE phone, which can deliver a great experience to the seniors. When you take a look at this phone, you will not feel like buying the best Samsung senior citizen phone. That’s because it can deliver similar features to you at an affordable price tag. You can get support for all the major GSM bands along with the phone. One of the best features associated with the phone is that it can provide you with an HD quality clear sound output.

3. Ushining 3G Unlocked | how to use a smartphone for seniors


  • This is a flip phone.
  • It has got dual screen.
  • 3G technology comes with the phone.
  • The flip design will make the life easy for people who use the phone to answer and end calls.
  • You can get a good battery life with up to 200 hours in standby mode.
  • There are two convenient displays.
  • It doesn’t come with a camera.

Ushining 3G Unlocked is another basic phone available for you to get for the parents. The very first thing that you will notice on the phone is that it will be offering the classic flip design to you. Therefore, the person who uses the phone will be able to flip the phone to answer the calls and flip the phone to end the calls as well. There is a 2.8” main display provided with the phone. In addition to that, you can find a secondary display that offers dimensions of 1.77″.

4. Nokia 3310 TA-1036 | best smartphone for parents


  • 2.4 inch screen.
  • Single SIM mobile phone.
  • Customizable user interface.
  • It is a durable phone for day to day wear and tear.
  • The display is large and bright enough to deliver a convenient experience to the seniors.
  • Parents can easily access the physical buttons in the phone.
  • It doesn’t come with video calling capabilities.

Nokia 3310 TA-1036 is a mobile phone that is dedicated to seniors. When you take a look at the design of this mobile phone, you will be able to get a better understanding of the fact. Instead of purchasing the best iPhone for seniors, you may go for a Nokia 3310 TA-1036. That’s because the mobile phone is offering all the features that the parents would need to use. In addition to that, you will be able to get that at an affordable price as well.

5. BLU Advance 5.0


  • It has a quad core 1.3GHz processor.
  • There is a 5″ IPS display.
  • It offers GSM quad band compatibility.
  • You can expand the in-built storage space of this smartphone.
  • It offers video calling capabilities.
  • A large number of third party apps can be installed due to the presence of Android operating system.
  • RAM is not enough for multitasking with this mobile phone.

If you are planning to purchase a new phone for the parents and if you wonder how to use a smartphone for seniors, you may take a look at BLU Advance 5.0. It is a mobile phone that will never disappoint you with the overall experience offered. That’s because the mobile phone has an excellent interface to make life easy for you and help you with getting your work done in a convenient manner.

6. Snapfon ezTWO | samsung senior citizen phone


  • It has a dedicated SOS button.
  • You can get big keypad buttons with the phone.
  • It offers hearing aid compatibility.
  • The display offers bigger letters and numbers.
  • SOS button is functional.
  • It can deliver a mobile monitoring system as a value added service.
  • This phone doesn’t offer GPS or camera.

If you are planning to buy a phone for seniors aged over 70, Snapfon ezTWO will be a good option to consider. It comes to you with big buttons and a speaking keypad. This mobile phone is specifically designed for seniors and it can provide a convenient experience to them and it can complement the capabilities that they have. There is a panic SOS button located at the rear side of the phone as well. Any senior will be able to press on that SOS button and request for assistance during an emergency.


Should I give a phone to my parent?

Yes, it is a good idea to give a phone to your parents. Then you will find it as an easy task to get connected with your parents at any given time of the day. This can help you to strengthen the bond that you are having with your loved ones as well.

Can I purchase the latest smartphone for my parents?

Instead of purchasing the latest smartphone available in the market, you need to think about getting a product that offers features, which are useful for the parents.

Is it better to buy a phone with a dedicated SOS button?

If your parent or senior is having the risk of encountering an emergency, you should think about going for a phone that offers a dedicated SOS button. It can help you to save the life of the senior during an emergency.


While you are looking to buy the best smartphone for older person, make sure that you focus on the following important factors. Then you can pick the ideal phone that can be purchased.

Battery life

Seniors don’t think about recharging the batteries of their phones. Therefore, you might have to do it. This is why you need to get a phone that offers an enhanced battery life. It is better if the battery can last in standby mode for days.

Big or readable screen

The screen should be big enough for the seniors so that they can read the text and numbers that they can see. If you can purchase such a phone, you don’t need to worry too much about the experience offered out of the phone.

Ease of use

You must check the capabilities of your senior and verify if he/she is in a position to use the mobile phone and the functionalities offered by it. Otherwise, the amount of money that you spend on the phone would be in vain. For example, your loved one should be in a position to answer and end calls on his own.

SOS button

The SOS button can be a lifesaver. Therefore, it is a good idea to purchase a phone that comes along with an easy to access the SOS button. Then your senior loved one will be able to press on the SOS button during an emergency and request assistance.


Getting the best smartphone for older person can be quite tricky. That’s because you should be mindful of what the old person is capable of doing. While keeping that in mind, you can invest in the best smartphone that is available in the market. Then you can experience the features and the functionalities that are offered out of the device at all times. Your parent will love the new smartphone as well.

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