What Are the Most Comfortable Over the Ear Headphones?

The best over-ear headphones are made by the features of comfort, audio/sound quality, and soundstage. The over-ear headphones contain many best benefits that cover your whole ear. Over-ear headphones are great for the health of your ear as compared to in-ear headphones. They put more distance between the loud tracks and eardrums of the year. If protection of hearing is important, then the over-ear headphones are the best to use. The best over-ear headphones come in open-back and closed-back variations with the largest best drivers. It provides the experience of best hearing of music like you watching and listening live. What are the most comfortable over the ear headphones?

These Are the Most Comfortable Over the Ear Headphones.

  1. Bowers & Wilkins PX7
  2. V-MODA M-100-U-SHADOW
  3. Beyerdynamic 459038 DT 990
  4. Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT
  5. Philips SHP9500
  6. HIFIMAN Deva
  7. SONY WH-1000XM3

1. Bowers & Wilkins PX7 – What Are the Most Comfortable Over the Ear Headphones?


Bowers & Wilkins PX7 is the best over-ear headphones wireless. It is built from the legend drivers that provide the best quality of the sound. These headphones enable you to cancel the noise from your surrounding environment. They are found in space grey.


The headphones feature with the carbon fibber composite arm that provides the strength to headphones and delivers the best transmission of the sound. And have wear sensors and when worn them, they automatically connected to the last connected Bluetooth device. These headphones connect up to 2 devices simultaneously.


  • Wireless Bluetooth Headphone
  • Adaptive Noise Cancelling
  • 43mm drivers in the Px7
  • Sound quality very bright and clear
  • Amazing battery life
  • Buttons are well placed
  • The clamping force was a little too tight



V-MODA M-100-U-SHADOW is the best over the ear earbuds. It used wired technology for connectivity and made with a compact design for easy transport of the headphones. The lightweight metal components are used in the headphones. The inner and outer rings of drivers are with separate bass from midst and highs of volume.


The headphones feature with Ergo soft foam cushions that provide supreme comfort and also natural noise isolation. These headphones use all metal and vegan leather in its manufacturing and provide sturdiness with comfort. And also feature with the immersive 3D soundstage. These headphones provide the experience of crystal clear sound.


  • 50mm Dual Diaphragm Drivers
  • 200 audiophile aficionados
  • Compact design
  • Amazing sound
  • Great build quality
  • Simple to carry
  • Ear cups are a bit tight

3. Beyerdynamic 459038 DT 990 – best over ear headphones for the gym


Beyerdynamic 459038 DT 990 is the best over-ear headphones for the gym. It is the best over-ear headphones that are ideal for professional mastering and editing. The headphones contain the soft and circumaural ear pads that ensure the high comfortability of the headphones. And are made with the practical single-sided cable.


These headphones feature with the outstanding tonal depth. The tonal-depth of the headphones ensures to perceive every small change in the sound. The mild bass and treble boost of these headphones ensure the receiving of the pleasant sound.


  • 3.0m coiled cable
  • High wearing comfort
  • Open Studio Headphone
  • Super-sleek and stylish
  • Very Pleasant Listening Experience
  • High-quality cords and accessories
  • Would be to enhance the existing frame

 4. Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT – best headphones for big ears


Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT is the best over-ear headphones under $100. It is a wireless Bluetooth over-ear headphone that is found in black. These headphones provide exceptional clarity with great comfort in using it. The use of headphones is very easy and the sensitivity of sound is 99dB/mW.


The headphones feature with the mic and button controls that are built inside the ear cup. It allows easy handling of calls and easy adjustment of volume. The drivers of the headphones are the Proprietary 45-millimeter large aperture that provides exceptional clarity of the sound.


  • 40 hours of battery life
  • On the go design
  • Touch control
  • Superior build quality
  • Look amazing and are customizable
  • Comes with high-quality hard case
  • Cannot switch from devices easily

5. Philips SHP9500 – best over-ear headphones under $100


Philips SHP9500 is the best headphones for big ears. It is a stereo over-ear headphones and it is in black. The large cable of the headphones allows easy movement for use in home. The headphones are made with the double layer of headband cushion that provides long-wearing comfort.


The finishing of the connector is gold-plated and the headphones contain an open acoustic system. The magnetic type of these headphones is neodymium. They deliver the full spectrum of the sound with clarity. Their sensitivity is about 101 dB. This over-ear headphone includes in the list of what are the most comfortable over the ear headphones.


  • 50mm neodymium drivers
  • 1.5m cable
  • Maximum power input: 200Mw
  • Quality headphones for a decent price
  • Open Back is GREAT
  • Very comfortable
  • Audio jack connection sometimes is not very good

6. HIFIMAN Deva – comfortable headphones with mic


HIFIMAN Deva is the comfortable headphones with mic. These headphones are with Bluetooth dongle /Receiver. And easily switch to wireless. With Bluetooth, these headphones are also with the USB-C cable and a traditional wired for balanced output. The battery life is up to 7-10 hours.


This model of headphones is 80% thinner and results in the fast response of the sound. They offer 4 discrete pathways that provide the higher power for easily handling. These headphones are great versatile with the feature of Bluetooth, a USB, and a cable.


  • 3.5mm headphone jack and socket
  • USB-C cable: up to 24 bit/192 kHz
  • Open-Back Planar Magnetic Headphone
  • Comfortable Headphones
  • Great sound quality
  • Large ear opening
  • The plastic smell was overwhelming

7. SONY WH-1000XM3 – wireless headphones for big ears


SONY WH-1000XM3 is the wireless headphones for big ears. The headphones have smart listening by sense engine. It uses the technology of noise-cancelling and provides only music. The crustal polymer drivers deliver the premium sound quality. And come with seller warranty.


The headphones feature with the microphone and top-notch technology. The sound is 10X better when plugged with the cable. It can easily use without any app and internet connection. These headphones come with a carry case, a charging cable USB-C and an audio cable. The audio cable is for wired connection.


  • 40mm liquid crystal polymer drivers
  • Noise-cancelling Stereo Headset
  • Quick attention mode
  • Mic is good
  • Good sound quality
  • Long battery life
  • Expensive headset

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which headphones are best for over the ear earbuds?
V-MODA M-100-U-SHADOW is the best over the ear earbuds. The wired technology of headphones is best for connectivity. They are made with a compact design for easy transport of the headphones. They contain lightweight metal components.

2. Which headphones are the best under $100?
Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT is the great over-ear headphones that are under $100. It is a wireless Bluetooth over-ear headphone that provides exceptional clarity with great comfort in using it.

3. Which headphones are the most comfortable headphones with a mic?
HIFIMAN Deva is the comfortable headphones with mic. They are with Bluetooth dongle /Receiver. They easily switch to wireless. They have a feature of Bluetooth, a USB-C cable, and a traditional wired. The battery life is more than 7-10 hours.


All the above-mentioned over-ear headphones are the best in their performance and qualities. Bowers & Wilkins PX7 is the best over-ear headphones wireless. The legend drivers of the headphones provide the best sound quality. The carbon fiber composite arm provides the strength to headphones.

These headphones deliver the best transmission of the sound. The headphones were made with the wear sensors and when worn the headphones, And paired to the last connected Bluetooth device automatically. The headphones enable to pair with more than 2 devices simultaneously. They have a noise-canceling feature and provide the best experience of the sound quality.

What Are The Most Comfortable Over The Ear Headphones? Buying guide   

Now, we will describe some important factors that help you to purchase what are the most comfortable over the ear headphones. These factors are the following:

Sound quality

Over-ear headphones are larger and they have better frequency response. Usually, the headphones contain 30 to 53 mm drivers that deliver the quick and dynamic sound quality. The headphones sound louder in low volumes also. The best over-ear headphones provide the immersive experience of the sound quality.

Noise cancellation

The other factor is the noise cancellation techniques in the headphones. The noise cancellation techniques identify the noise and reduce the noise. Mostly, headphones are made by a mic that identify background noise and reduce them. The over-ear headphones provide experience of audio clarity.

Noise isolation

Noise isolation is similar to the noise cancellation technique. The noise isolation reduces the ambient noise. It provides the best audio quality. The over-ear headphones are best to block ambient sound. The ambient sound is completely blocked if the size of the headphones completely fit on the ears. The headphones come in different sizes.


The best over-ear headphones are very comfortable and keep your ear comfy. The most comfortable headphones are lightweight. The soft cushion pads of the headphones provide a comfortable experience of using the over-ear headphones. The over-ear headphones provide great comfortability.

Compact design and foldability

With the comfort-ability of the headphones, the best headphones build with the compact design. The compact design provides the fold-ability so to carry the headphones anywhere easily.

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