Klim Keyboard Review: Klim Chroma Gaming Keyboard

The gamer label is often used, especially for marketing purposes, but it nevertheless embeds certain specifications, such as RGB, ExpressKeys (shortened keys) or even increased durability. These are more sophisticated devices with a certain aestheticism – they, therefore, fit perfectly into a gamer config. Today, let’s look at a popular gaming keyboard, the Chroma from KLIM, a French manufacturer.

Klim Chroma Gaming Keyboard Review Summary

Because of the public to which the manufacturer is aimed, we are entitled to have a certain number of expectations, for example, vis-à-vis the quality of design or even RGB. Do the attributes of this equipment justify the excellent popularity it enjoys?

Technical Characteristics

Keyboard Type : membrane
Operation : wired or wireless (your choice)
Battery life (wireless) : approx. 5 p.m. with RGB enabled
Response time : 2ms (wired), 8ms (wireless keyboard)
Material : ABS plastic
Waterproof : yes
Weight : 460g (wired), 680g (wireless)
Backlight : yes, 3 zones
Lifespan : 10,000,000 keystrokes
Compatibility : PC, Mac and PS4
Guarantee : 5 years

What is ultimately the greatest feat of this membrane keyboard? Its value for money, a field in which, as we know, KLIM is particularly famous. It manages to bring together all that one expects from a gaming keyboard for a controlled price. Of course, we think of the solid and nevertheless light design, the comfort and silence of use, and the RGB backlighting. Some sacrifices are obviously necessary to contain the pricing: no customizable RGB, screen printing below the overall quality … But for all that, the manufacturer wants to be intelligent, understanding the gamer environment and thinking, among other things, to make its sound—fully waterproof keyboard. We are definitely a fan!

  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Silent keys
  • Great responsiveness
  • Ergonomics and customizable keys
  • Fairly limited RGB
  • Screen printing quality
  • (Wireless only) Slightly short charging cable

Full Klim keyboard Review

Now is the time to find out a little more about the specifics of the model, particularly with regard to construction, ergonomics or lifespan.

Presentation: design and characteristics

We find the keyboard with or without wire, which impacts some characteristics. For example, the weight drops from 460g to 680g – the design remains light in all cases. The body’s ABS plastic appears qualitative and resistant, especially since it benefits from a waterproof certification. So you no longer have to worry about your gaming drink spilling onto the keyboard, ruining your game… and your equipment!

Proof of this is KLIM’s confidence in its product: the warranty extended to 5 years, while the law only requires 2 years. Objective data also gives the durability of 10,000,000 keystrokes – so you can enjoy it for a long time, even under heavy use.

Nevertheless, this qualitative design suffers from a flaw: screen printing, namely the design of the letters and symbols on each key. The engraving is actually quite fine, so that we doubt its long-term hold. FPS fans amply request the ZQSD combination, and some note that the most requested letters are erased in a few months …

Pleasant operation

This membrane keyboard far outperforms mechanical keyboards when it comes to decibels. It is indeed well known: membrane keys are much quieter than their mechanical counterparts. The feat is to combine it with a comfortable use, the rebound allowing to jump from key to key very quickly. The typing speed is irreparably increased.

The responsiveness of the keyboard is also worth mentioning. We are mainly talking about wireless here: with a response time of 8 ms, you will not see the requested action carried out almost instantly. Particularly designed for gaming and online multiplayer, where reflexes must be exemplary.

The RGB backlighting, a small disappointment

Let’s get on well: at this price, we are delighted to benefit from the backlighting, which not all manufacturers can boast at this level of the range. Although both aesthetic and practical, this RGB is not without flaws. First, it is done on 3 zones and not key by key (well, that makes sense for the price). Second, the brightness could be a bit higher to facilitate readability; fortunately, the use remains very comfortable in the half-light. But third, and this is certainly the most damaging: RGB is not customizable. Do not rely on a software suite for the choice of colors or the modification of areas.

However, the essential is held. After a few seconds of inactivity, the breathing effect is cut off practical to preserve autonomy in the wireless version. Note also that the manufacturer announces an autonomy of 17 hours with the RGB activated, which is quite reasonable. A little more length to the charging cable would not have been a luxury for maximum practicality, the 50 cm being a little limited.

Final Verdict

The price-performance ratio is insane. We certainly concede that the device is not perfect, for example. Being frustrating on the too limited RGB compared to the possibilities. But we will recognize that the backlight’s presence at this level of the range is already quite a feat! Besides aesthetics, the design shines with its strength and durability. This keyboard will therefore be perfectly suited to the longest and most intense gaming sessions! This, especially since you will not have to fear an accident. Such as a drink spilling, thanks to the fully waterproof design.

Nevertheless, we can regret that the material’s qualitative standards do not apply as much to the letters’ design, which is a little too tenuous and tends to fade depending on the demand. The keyboard’s overall use is pleasant, with a silence due to the membrane keys associated with the optimal rebound. Ensuring a certain typing speed. If you want to control your budget to build your gamer config – or replace a current keyboard – this is a great deal!

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