Samsung T5 External SSD Review | Samsung T5 SSD 1TB & Samsung T5 SSD 500GB

With dimensions smaller than a credit card, the Samsung T5 is an extremely light but also compact external SSD: 51 grams for dimensions of 74 x 57.3 x 10.5 mm. Regarding the transfer speed, it can go up to 540 MB / s. This model from Samsung is almost five times faster than conventional external models. Offering USB-C and USB 3 compatibility, it is possible to connect this SSD to a wide range of peripherals, from simple computers to smartphones.

Regarding security, it is possible to keep personal data perfectly secure via a password as well as via AES 256-bit hardware encryption. A USB-C cable is included with the drive but also a USB-C to USB3 cable. Regarding the warranty, be aware that it is for three years. Let’s discuss more Samsung T5 external SSD review.

Our feedback on the Samsung T5 external SSD review

Look and ergonomics

Light and small, its format is really practical. You can easily put this model in a pocket even if your pants are tight with its dimensions of 74 x 57 x 10.5 mm and its weight of 51 grams. Totally made of metal and a brushed finish, its design is a total success. This SSD is also available in different colors such as its traditional blue, black, red, and golden rosé. On the edges, you will find the operation LED as well as the USB-C Type connector. The choice of a metal shell guarantees regular cooling of the various components and optimizes the solidity of the hard disk.


This model offers storage capacities starting from 250 GB and going up to 2 TB. Incorporating an mSATA-to-USB controller from ASMedia, the best optimization of the model remains the new flash memory used. This is a fourth-generation 3D V-NAND. Note also the update of the on-board software but also the compatibility with the TRIM function via the UASP protocol. Note also that this SSD is compatible with Android devices. Another essential point in relation to the components: their strength against falls. They can withstand drops of up to two meters.


Equipped with a USB Type-C Gen 2 connector, this model achieves very good read / write speeds: around 450MB / s and 323MB / s. It can perform a 10GB file copy in just over forty seconds using TeraCopy. So that comes down to an actual transfer rate of almost 212MB / s.

According to the brand, the speeds can be much higher if you use a USB Type-C Gen 2 compatible connector. This can go up to 540MB / s and 515MB / s, respectively, for reading and writing. Upon purchase, you will get USB-C and USB-A cables. The SSD also has the possibility of encrypting your data in AES 256 bits, ideal for optimal security. Let’s not forget to say that the Windows, macOS, and Android compatible software suite is included with the purchase.

The product in detail

One of the main strengths of this model is its versatility. It is ideal for people handling large amounts of information. With excellent transfer speed and a three-year warranty, this product is marked by the excellence of the Samsung brand. Thanks to NAND technology, the proposed architecture offers high capacity and flawless performance.

The box includes a quick start guide for installation. With a high transfer rate (which can be close to 540 MB per second), this model has everything to seduce you. Thus, the consequent data transfer times will not pose a problem. I personally use a 256 GB model for my Time Machine backups, but I strongly advise you to opt for a 512 GB. Of course, this depends on your initial space to back up.

Note that this model is compatible with multiple devices such as computers, Macs, smartphones and tablets running Android 4.4 . The same goes for TV smarts and other peripherals. By taking the 500 GB version, you will enjoy an unbeatable value for money but also a solidity with its solid and rigid aluminum shell .

Our opinion on Samsung T5 external SSD

Despite the fact that the Samsung T5 is not the cheapest in its range, it is quite simply one of the best possible choices as you can see by consulting our external SSD hard drive comparison. Its qualities are numerous: speed, robustness, and level of performance. We advise you to purchase this equipment.

  • Fast disk,
  • the best compact and lightweight SSD
  • Eye-catching look
  • Multiple capacity options
  • On average more expensive than the competition

Which version to choose: 500 GB or 1 TB?

1 TB version

This is without a doubt the best version of the disc. The housing of this model is compact and perfectly designed. Apart from that, it offers fairly high speeds ( 400 MB / s ). This excellent service is backed up by a three-year guarantee. It is perfect to benefit from a fast external storage space and immune to falls .

This capacity is clearly sufficient to accommodate large files, such as for example movies and series in HD . These types of files often weigh 1 GB or even 2. They can even store files weighing almost 10 GB such as PC games and Blu-Ray videos .

500 GB

This version is obviously less expensive and is around a hundred euros . Fast, small but also light, the t5 500 GB is a powerful solid state drive, offering excellent value for money. Even if it is less swift than the 1TB version , this model ranks among the best drives on the market. The advantages of the 500 GB version are multiple: excellent beginnings in reading as well as in writing, lightness, successful look or even solidity against shocks and drops.

There is a 256 GB version, but this format remains anecdotal and given the price it is better to opt for the version greater than 500 GB. As for the 2 TB version, it is much more expensive and will meet specific space requirements.


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