4K PC Screen Or 4K TV, What Better Option For The Gamer?

For video game enthusiasts, it is sometimes good to think about a change of screen. However, 4K resolution having become accessible to the general public, it is not surprising to ask the following question: should I invest instead in a 4K PC screen or see things big and acquire a 4K television ? As we will see, these two types of screens have disadvantages and advantages. We suggest you decrypt these to help you in your choice between 4k PC screen or 4k TV.

Common points between PC and TV screens

In gaming use, a screen is – with the computer or the console – a major element of the equipment. There are a lot of similarities between a 4K pc screen and a TV screen of the same resolution. Indeed, within the framework of the video game, it will be necessary to ensure to respect the following criteria, whatever the type of screen chosen:

  • A 16: 9 display format, which is the most suitable for video games. Although there are ultra-wide screens, we will leave these to the graphic designers.
  • Regarding IPS or TN panels, we recommend opting for TN. They have a better refresh rate, making it possible to maintain exceptional fluidity.
  • The screen response time should never exceed 5 ms. Higher latency could be problematic, the controller / mouse would not respond immediately.

PC screen versus TV screen: the match

For gaming, we previously observed that 4K PC and TV panels have many points in common. While a PC screen has the advantage of being affordable and cut specifically for use on a desk, the TV will be more versatile. The choice will be made especially in terms of the budget to be invested as well as on the consoles owned by the gamer. We suggest you see all this in a little more detail in the following paragraphs.

The advantages of a PC screen for gaming

The PC monitor is the most affordable choice . Since 4K monitors start at 24 inches in size, it is possible to get them at a more reasonable price than a television (which will necessarily be larger in order to fulfill its primary function). What is more, the PC screen will often be adjustable in height and inclination, bringing a certain comfort to the gaming experience. The limit will be in terms of size.

The advantages of a TV screen for video games

If you have a higher budget, the TV will have several advantages not found on an external PC monitor. Consider the size of the screen , a criterion of great importance for multi-console players (we think of the PS4 or the Xbox). Being able to go up to 79 inches, a large slab will optimize the immersion in the game. The integrated audio will also be much superior to the speakers integrated in a computer screen (provided that the latter has one). Finally, a TV screen will have more connections and, even if we can forget it, can be used as TV in the living room.

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