New Apple iPad Pro 128 GB 11 inch

IPAD PRO BUYING TIPS: SHOULD YOU UPGRADE TO A New Apple iPad Pro 128 GB 11 inch Model Or Not?

Today we are going to review New Apple iPad Pro 128 GB 11 inch. Well For most power users, yes. The longer battery life as compared with earlier models is absolutely worth it. Apple is not stretching it when it says 10 hours although intense gaming will deplete the battery faster.

For general users, maybe. The faster A12Z bionic chip is tremendously zippy but folks who are casual internet browsers will not notice the change. However, this model is fantastic as a laptop replacement with its support for Apple’s stellar Magic Keyboard, Apple (and some third-party) pencils, and the Smart Keyboard Folio.

If you take pictures with your iPad, the camera is the best Apple has yet packaged with any device. Terrific. In this COVID era, it’s ultrawide lens is also great for the live streaming of meetings. Speaking of meetings, the built-in microphones surpass most laptops. For music listening, the new iPads deliver clean and pleasing audio, with surprisingly fine bass. Yes, your new iPad Pro can actually crank up the jams! Good to know if you are stuck in the house.

New Apple iPad Pro FOR GAMING

A giant YES! We have a family member who is quite successful in the gaming world. If you are coming from any other mobile device other than the 2018 iPad Pros, the 120 frames per second (FPS) frame rate of the new Pros must be seen to be appreciated. Silky, slick and so fast! No lag with a good internet connection. Games such as Fortnight have recently upgraded to support 120 FPS. If your favorite game supports it, a new iPad Pro is an absolutely terrific no brainer investment.


Chargers with more than 30 watts WILL NOT give you faster charging unless you are also using it for a recent Mac laptop. Apple and most PC laptops require 45 watts for fastest charge. Recent iPhones only come with 5w or 12w chargers but need 18 watts with Power Delivery for fastest charge. So don’t toss the new 18-watt charger that comes with the new iPad Pro. Use it for your iPhone and you’ll be amazed it charges to 50% in just 30 minutes.

The New Apple iPad Pro 128 GB 11 inch have meaningful improvements I’ll detail below. A major one is a much improved 10-hour battery life. But why settle for longer battery life when your new iPad takes forever to charge? Fortunately, there’s an easy fix.

Apple is famous for marketing state of the art iPhones and iPads that unfortunately come with slow, subpar chargers. The new iPad Pro comes with a ridiculously slow 18-watt charger. For under $30 you can ditch the slow Apple charger and fix the problem. However, with zillions of wall chargers out there, it’s easy for anyone’s eyes to get glazed overlooking for which to buy. Here’s what to look for

New Apple iPad Pro CHARGING BRICKS: Which to buy / Tips

It’s essential you get one labeled “USB-C Power Delivery.” This is also known as PD. For wattage, look for 30w and be sure the full 30 watts is coming out of the USB-C jack. Some have dual ports and might be labeled 36w but limit 18 watts to each jack.

I’ve reviewed many PD chargers and have found that it is best to stick with reputable brands with warranties of at least a year, and up to two years. I’ve tested several and recommend Aukey, Choetech, Anker, and AmazonBasics. Use your USB-C to USB-C cable that comes with the new iPad Pros. No need to buy another cable.

Below are some Products which I tested

Anker 30W Ultra-Compact Type-C Wall Charger

Anker may be the best known of third party brands but its once stellar customer service is now frustratingly difficult at times. Yet, they make great products, although warranties are limited. This model is super compact, comes with 18-month warranty and is quite “Apple like”.

AmazonBasics 2-Port Wall Charger

I like dealing with Amazon because their customer service is typically stellar. At under $30, this one will charge your new iPad PRO at 30 watts for highest charging speed and will also charge the latest USB-C Mac laptops at high speed. However, it is larger than the others and only carries a one-year warranty.

AUKEY USB C Charger 30W

For under $25, this great model also includes an old fashioned but still useful USB-A jack. To get the full 30 watts to your new iPad, don’t charge a second device at the same time. The 24 month warranty is far better than most.


For just over $20, this 30w PD model is compact and great for travel with its foldable plug. The warranty is 18 months. It comes only in black.


I hope this review has been of some help. I’m sending my very best to you and yours for health and prosperity, and better days ahead. The New Apple iPad Pro 128 GB 11 inch are stellar, light as a feather, and Apple’s best ever for ultra-fast speed, productivity, and laptop-replacing good times.


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