How Do I Capitalize e On A Laptop And A Mac?

When writing a text, it is common to come across a capital E , especially at the beginning of a sentence. Our AZERTY keyboards allow us a lot of things but not this one, at least, not directly. Whether on Windows or with a Mac, there are solutions to fix the problem. We suggest you take a tour of the main means used.

Uppercase copy / paste: for Windows and Mac

This is the first solution we go through: it involves searching the internet for a text with the desired uppercase character in order to copy and paste it into your document . Although effective since applicable to all possible characters, we are forced to recognize that this is not the simplest solution.

A Windows feature: charmap

Windows has a character table which, as the name implies, provides access to all possible characters in the form of an array. To do this, click on the start menu (or Windows) -> run -> type “charmap” (without the quotes).

Although it may represent the most complete solution, it is certainly not the fastest on a laptop .

Keyboard shortcuts: the fastest

The solutions we have seen previously are certainly functional, but not necessarily appropriate, especially in the context of writing a long text. Fortunately, Microsoft and Apple have considered including keyboard shortcuts to accentuate the capital E in their respective operating systems.

Capitalize on Windows

Here is the most practical solution for Windows systems, precisely from Windows 7. It is a question of holding the “Alt” key while typing the code associated with the capital letter É. Here it will be “144” (without the quotes). In summary, É = alt + 144.

Write an uppercase E on Mac OS

As with Windows, Mac OS allows you to write uppercase E via a shortcut. This involves making a normal “E” and holding the “E” key. A small contextual menu will appear, offering the different possible characters on the “E” (É, È, Ë, etc…). Below each character, a number. It corresponds to the number to type on your keyboard to validate the character. In our example, É corresponds to the number 1. We therefore press the “1” key on our keyboard to validate our uppercase É.

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