Best Wireless Car Charger | Our Top 3 Picks Guide

Your long drive adventure could turn into embarrassment without Best Wireless Car Charger if you couldn’t use your phone due to low charging. You could miss many memories as well as your connections. You can charge your phone while driving to use it later with convenience.

Moreover, the World is getting simpler and smaller in terms of technology, and you won’t like to be tangled in wires for your peaceful journey. But you must deal with the low charging device dilemma at the same time.

What is a wireless car charger?

Wireless charging is an awesome technology that use magnetic fields to transfer energy from a charger to a battery.

Some vehicles have built-in ports for charging but its prolonged process.

Are you looking for solutions?

The best match to your needs would be a smart wireless charging device that best fits in your boots.

Why charging pads?

I was amazed by this new technology that charges your phone without wires. You must place it on the charging pad and get your device charged faster. It also looks cool, and nobody will realize whether you are charging your device or just putting it on a car mount for hands-free use.

You can make quick interactions with your phone as safe as possible.

This new technology hit my nerves, and I couldn’t stop unless I went to the market and had a lot of research about the best cell phone wireless Car Charger. Of course, I was puzzled by a lot of choices, but I had to decide. So, after shortlisting from 15 to 7 choices and then finally selected the top 3. I could quickly get any of it without hesitation.

Here is the list of best 3 best Wireless Car Charger for cell phone.

  1. iOttie Easy One-Touch – Qi Fast Charging Best Wireless Car Charger
  2. Anker power wave – Budget Friendly Top Wireless Car Charger
  3. SCOSCHE Magic Mount – Great design best fast wireless car charger

1. iOttie Easy One-Touch – Qi Fast Charging | Best Wireless Car Charger

I liked its robotic design after opening its box that felt like a smart choice because it is not only visually appealing but sleek design also.

It has a U.S. patented lock and release system that gives a firm grip to your smartphone.

Push side arms and put your Samsung or iPhone against the trigger button.

Sidearms will automatically close and adjusted according to mobile size and safely holds a smartphone, and you enjoy peace of mind while you drive.

iOttie comfortable one-touch offers not only minimal design but also has a firm grip over your dashboard even the surface is rough-textured or uneven. It is a real surprise that the grippy pad gives you full control to which extent is bound to the dashboard.

Qi wireless car charging has extraordinary charging capacity as it costs 40% faster than other wireless car chargers. So, you are going to capture every moment of an event, not worrying due to its low charging.

The most important thing is that your device is approachable while driving. Qi secure one-touch mount has an extendable arm up to 8.3″ and pivots at 225-degree arc so you can adjust where your smartphone sits. So, you can adjust it where your hands feel comfortable using a smartphone.

Qi easy one-touch did their best to provide feasibility to its users. If side arms collide with keys of your smart device, then foot can be easily adjusted according to device functionality.

I am now coming to the most critical question of phone compatibility. Qi fast charger is compatible with Samsung, iPhone, and LG at large. Samsung gets almost 8-Watt charging speed, iPhone gets 7.5 Watt, and other devices get 5 Watt of it.

Make sure your device is compatible before purchasing it.

You can get easy viewing your phone with Qi wireless charger cum mount.

And thanks to its material and manufacture, it won’t get overheated easily because of in-built ventilation holes that prevent it’s overheating.

  • Dashboard/windshield mount style
  • Status indicator lights to check if your phone charging properly
  • Strong suction: reusable suction cup after washing
  • Hassle free warranty
  • USB port A has shown slow charging
  • Somewhat loose grip on leather dashboard

Most of the customers on Amazon gave it a positive rating with 3.5 out of 5.

One of them said,

This mount is pretty okay, easy to install and use and not too large. Its fits my large phone with a case on it with room to spare. I like the CD player mount option as well as being able to use in portrait or landscape mode.

While some of them showed concerns regarding its adjustment

Awesome Works perfectly- but just a heads up for iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X users. if you don’t position the mount properly your phone, will show charging but it will discharge slowly.

Overall this product seems an affordable choice in a small budget.

2. Anker Power Wave – Budget Friendly | Top Wireless Car Charger

One of my favorite choices is Anker power due to its smooth setup, fast charging capabilities, and efficiency.

It is universally optimized for all kind of mobile devices including Samsung, iPhone, and all other Qi-compatible smartphone devices. It works flawlessly with iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9, and other devices.

One surprising feature that many other chargers don’t offer is its charging ability through protective cases in the same effective manner. It can transmit power through thick cases of even 0.5 mm thickness, including otter boxes without any hassle.

Keep in mind that metal attachments, credit cards, and cases that contain metal will interrupt charging.

There is more to go with this fantastic product as it lets you use 360 degrees rotation for hassle-free use. You can easily view GPS, calls, and changing directions.

It charges fastly with 10-Watt power to your Samsung devices and 7.5 Watt to iPhone while most other devices get 5-Watt power.

It is optimized for vehicles of any air vents. Moreover, range measurements are set to give you an idea about perfect configuration for your mobile.

It can heat up after 45 degrees, but you don’t have to check thermometer again and again to keep a check. It flashes red when the temperature reaches 45 degrees and stops working automatically.

  • Adjustable foot and 360-degree rotation
  • Strong grip
  • Well optimized for all devices
  • Power drains rapidly while using GPS
  • Needs an adaptor


This is the best you can get in a relatively small budget, and many customers have shown a great deal of satisfaction. It got a 59% five stars review (at time of research), and one of the customers said,

I have been using this with an iPhone X with a pretty solid case and this powered mount has no problem charging it. Even when listening to podcasts/Spotify and running the GPS, it is gaining charge at considerable speed!

One of them has shown a bit concern as

I would have to say the shaking, BUT don’t be alarmed it is very minimal, you can still see and read clearly, and you can only tell if you hit a light just right, other than that, it’s pretty solid.

So overall this is a great choice to get one for your next adventure.

3. SCOSCHE Magic Mount – Great design | Best fast wireless car charger

It was named perfectly because it magically charges your smartphone with no need of arms and foot and. It is the minimal sleek design complementing your smart choices.

The best thing is it uses magnetic energy to hold your smartphones. So, no distractions from sidearms and you see your device. It is provided with metal plates to get the maximum hold of your device.

Coming towards its compatibility and it did not disappoint us. It is compatible with Qi-enabled devices, Samsung and iPhones fast charging to give your device fastest charging possible.

The magic mount has multiple mounting options, for example, a suction cup with extended reach and shorter arm with a sticky pad. These are especially good for windshield/dashboard and central infotainment area respectively.

It uses the strongest magnets that are 30% more powerful than other magic mounts that make smooth and flawless charging process. Plus, it is entirely secure for your device.

Magic mount shows a signal when your device is correctly placed on it because otherwise your phone won’t get charged properly.

It also gives an easy 360 degrees rotation for comfortable user experience. You can drive smoothly while working on your phone.


In the SCOSCHE magic mount box, you will get a handful of accessories:

  • Universal magic mount
  • Suction cup base
  • Magic plates
  • Micro USB
  • User manual/Guide
  • 12V car adapter
  • Wire Clip
  • 30% more charging capability than other magnets
  • Cradle-free design
  • LED indicator lights shows up when device is charging and power receiving
  • Adhesive cable clip neatly connects the cable with the mount.
  • Reusable stronghold suction cup
  • Cons
  • Won’t hold through silicon case cover
  • Shake a little bit with heavier phone.


When looked towards customers reviews

Holds AND charges my XS Max with a Pelican case no problem. I did mount the two smaller metal plates on the outside of my case to make sure I get the maximum magnetic hold as the XS Max is a bigger, heavier phone. I would recommend this Qi charger/mount without hesitation

Other customer said,

Won’t hold through silicone case cover.

Probably you have made your choice, and in my opinion, this is going to save a lot of your time and money.

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