Is Ring a Good Security System? Ring Alarm Security System Review

Is Ring Security System Secure?

The best home security system is necessary for the protection of the house and its family members. The sensors and advanced technologies in the security systems make them ideal to purchase. One of the great home security systems is a ring security system. Now the first question that arises in mind is that is ring a good security system.

The ring alarm is the latest model of security system that can easily install by yourself. The ring alarm uses many motions and sensors that ensure the monitoring of your house all time. The alarm is with a range extender that enhances the communication range between the different devices. The sensors and the range expanded of the ring’s alarm are always show good performance. This security system is very effective with its camera-based strategy and comes in your budget price. No other security system beat the price of the ring alarm with its good performance.

All-new Ring Alarm 8-piece kit (2nd Gen)


The All-new Ring Alarm 8-piece kit is the best home security system that provides the professional monitoring of the house for 24/7. This security system is a do-it-yourself alarm system and the charges are only 10-dollars per month for professional monitoring. This kit comes with a base station, one keypad, and a range extender. This kit includes four contact sensors and one motion detector.

The JD power voted this alarm system as the best one for customer satisfaction. It is an award-winning system that also contains emergency buttons. The smaller contact sensors enable you to protect your house very well.

  • Complete monitoring
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Great security for the price
  • Seems to be working well
  • The system has a limited selection of automation devices

Technology of Ring System

The ring alarm has a simple white cover that contains the technology of a blue LED ring. When any motion is detected by the system, it instantly illuminates the sensor’s light. The light on the sensors also brightens when the security system is armed. The sensors are with chime feature that provides a comforting hear when you come back home.

The ring’s alarm comes in three sizes package that is small, medium, and large. The alarm’s kit depends on the size of the home. Every kit has the essential parts but the medium and large size kit contains more sensors. The estimated coverage of the security for households is about up to 2,000 sq. Ft.

Equipment of the Ring Alarm Security System

The description of all the equipment of the ring alarm security system is described following:

Base Station

The base station is the central part of the ring alarm system it connects with all devices of the Ring Alarm. The base station also has a siren in it.


The keypad is the physical control of the ring alarm security system. It allows to arming and disarming the system quickly and easily. Further, you can view the system’s status through the keypad.

Contact sensors

The contact sensors are made for windows or doors by the ring alarm security system. These sensors always monitor the open and close of the doors and windows.

Motion sensor

The motion sensor detects the motion. The area in which the motion sensor is placed, it monitors the detection of motion in that area.

Range extender

The range extender provides the strengthen signals from the base station to all devices. It allows the more coverage of the area even the devices are far away from the base station.

Equipment High-Point

Now we will tell you the high point of the Ring’s equipment in this article about is ring a good security system. The Ring alarm security system is with a range extender. If you buy the range extender for other security systems it costs extra. But, this ring system comes with it and boosts the range of Wi-Fi of the home. It gives the best connection for more devices.

The base station and keypad of the Ring alarm system are the main keys that control the system. Both of these parts contain signature ring light.

Setup and installation of the Ring Alarm security system

The Ring system comes with all parts that require the setup of the alarm security system. All the sensors, cables, and complete instructions are included by the package of Ring alarm system. The app provides an easy way to the direction of the setup of the security system. By following the direction and instructions, you can simply install by yourself.

The installation process starts with the base station that is the brain of the system. Enter the exact password of Wi-Fi because if once it became wrong then it adds more time to the installation process.

After the connection of base station, then use four-digit code for the keypad. At last, put the sensors where you want to place them. The installing of the devices takes a few moments.

Customer service of the Ring Alarm

The ring alarm provides instructions and online support. The company is best with its customer service and try to satisfy their customers. They give 24/7 customer service and any kind of technical help through the phone. The Ring alarm system ensures the topic about is ring a good Security system.


Does Ring Alarm work with battery?

The ring alarm also works with the battery. The system has a built-in battery backup. In case the security system lost its connection due to any electricity issue, it continuously works its battery. The battery lasts for more than 24 hours. Even the Ring protects plus plan also has a cellular backup.

Does the Ring alarm system inform you when it detects motion?

The Ring alarm system immediately sends notifications and alerts when it detects motion. It sends notifications to mobile phones or an alert email. It ensures that you will immediately know if something gets wrong.

What is the central and important part of the Ring Alarm security system?

The central part of the Ring Alarm security system is the base station. The base station is the brain of the ring security system. It connects all the devices of the system.

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