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The cell phone market is saturated with many different options. Due to the same reason, a person who is looking to buy a new cell phone can easily get overwhelmed. That’s because he will not have a clear understanding about the best cell phone that is available in the market to go ahead and buy. If you are searching for the best voice quality cell phone and if you are frustrated with the options that you have, you may take a look at the following options. Then you can end up with purchasing the best quality headphones that you can buy from the market.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 | best voice quality cell phone


  • Fast charging technology.
  • Evolved Samsung S pen.
  • Pro lens camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is the 10th edition of the popular Samsung Note Series. You can get some high end specifications along with this mobile phone. The display of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is stunningly bright. You will also be getting a pro lens along with the mobile phone. Hence, all the pictures that you capture out of the mobile phone would look stunning as well. One of the best things that you can get along with Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is the functional styles. If you are keen to go for the best voice call quality smartphone 2020, you may take a look at this.

  • It has a stunning and unique looking display.
  • Pictures taken by the camera are perfect.
  • You can get super-fast internet connectivity over LTE technology.
  • This phone is a bit bulky for the pocket.

2. Samsung Galaxy S10+ | best voice call quality smartphone 2020


  • It can deliver a quicker and faster experience.
  • Super-fast performance in the processor.
  • All day battery.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ has an updated camera. Therefore, all the pictures that you capture with it are perfect. You can receive the best camera quality while you are shooting for images under low light conditions. The improved microphone present with the smartphone has helped it to become one of the best phones with best call quality 2020. You will be amazed with the sleek design of this mobile phone as well.

  • You can answer calls with clarity.
  • The AMOLED display is outstanding.
  • You can get excellent pictures under low light conditions.
  • This is one of the most expensive smartphones.

3. Apple iPhone 11 Pro | phones with best call quality 2020


  • It comes with a unique triple camera system.
  • A13 Bionic chip to deliver enhanced performance.
  • OLED display.

If you are a fan of iOS and if you are looking for the best call quality smartphone 2020, you may take a look at Apple iPhone 11 Pro. Even though this smartphone was released quite some time ago, it is still popular among people. Therefore, you can go for it without waiting for the next iPhone in the lineup gets released. You will also be receiving a 5.8-inch display. The OLED display will ensure that you are getting your hands on the best picture quality at all times. There is a unique triple camera system that comes to you along with the camera as well.

  • The camera quality is outstanding.
  • You can receive wireless charging capabilities out of the device.
  • It offers face ID for enhanced security and protection.
  • You will only be restricted to iOS.

4. Huawei P30 | best call quality cell phone


  • Quality OLED display.
  • Triple camera system.
  • 6GB Ram.

While you are hunting for budget phones with good call quality, you will come across Huawei P30. This is one of the best call quality cell phone that Huawei has been able to launch into the market. You will be able to get a 6.1” stunning display along with the device. On the other hand, the performance offered by the smartphone is simply amazing. For example, you can receive a 128GB in-built storage offered by the device. It is paired along with 6GB RAM as well. You can get this unlocked smartphone to deliver an enhanced battery life as well. The Huawei P30 Pro call quality has received lots of positive attention out there.

  • You can easily multitask on this mobile phone.
  • It is available for you at a reasonable price tag.
  • You will be getting access to the Huawei app store.
  • This smartphone is a bit bulky.

5. Google Pixel 4 | budget phones with good call quality


  • 64GB Storage.
  • Quick gesture control.
  • Point and shoot camera with excellent photo quality.
  • Best smartphone for older person

Google Pixel 4 smartphone has been there for quite some time. However, we thought of including it in the list because of the excellent sound quality that is delivered. The manufacturer has been able to include one of the best speakers into the device with the objective of delivering an outstanding sound quality to the users. Therefore, you will never get disappointed with the overall sound quality that this mobile phone is capable of offering to you. The mobile phone can also provide you with the chance to get more work done out of your voice as well.

  • You can receive some innovative features with this smartphone.
  • You will be receiving a good picture quality out of it.
  • You can end the rob calls with ease while using it.
  • You cannot extend the storage space offered.

6. OnePlus 8 Pro | best call quality smartphone 2020


  • This is a 5G capable device.
  • 48MP camera.
  • 120Hz fluid display.

OnePlus 8 Pro deserves to be on the list when we are reviewing the best call quality smartphone 2020. This mobile phone is released from a manufacturer based in China. However, you don’t need to worry too much about the quality of the product that you are receiving to your hands. It can deliver a premium experience to you at all times. Apart from sound quality, you will be amazed by the 120Gz Fluid display that this mobile phone is offering. The most prominent feature that you can find in the smartphone is the 48MP camera. It can help you with capturing stunning photos.

  • This mobile phone can deliver amazing graphics to the users.
  • You can experience faster internet speeds with it.
  • This can deliver a 48MP quad camera to you.
  • Lack of customer support in western countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I be mindful about the sound quality?

One of the main reasons on why you use a mobile phone is to answer calls. Therefore, it is important for you to be mindful about the voice quality. Otherwise, you will have a difficult time when you are trying to maintain communications with another person using the mobile phone.

Can I enhance voice quality with an app?

There is no effective mobile app available to provide assistance to you with enhancing the voice quality. Therefore, it is better if you can specially purchase a mobile phone that can provide you with an excellent voice quality. Then you will not have to worry too much about anything.

How do I determine the voice quality?

If the person on the other side can clearly listen to you, you will be able to ensure a high quality cell phone voice quality. This should be present, even if you or the other party is staying at a noisy or crowded place.


If you are trying to purchase the best voice quality cell phone, you may take a look at the following features as well.

Network reception

It is better if you can go for a mobile phone that can offer the latest network reception, such as the 5G technology. Then you will be able to listen to excellent quality reception, which will help you with enhancing the cell phone quality.


You are going to use the cell phone on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your mobile phone is not an overhead to you. This is the main reason on why you need to be mindful about the size of the device that you are purchasing.

Display quality

It is also recommended for you to take a look at the display quality. If you are getting a device with a good display quality, you can receive a great experience with the mobile phone that you are using.

Internet speed

In some of the instances, you will use mobile apps to get connected to calls over the internet. The quality of these calls vary based on the internet speed that you have. Therefore, you must ensure that the mobile phone is delivering an excellent internet speed as well.


Follow the tips and you can learn how to locate the best voice quality cell phone. If you don’t want to spend your time with research, you can pick a product from the list we recommended.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – best voice quality cell phone

Samsung Galaxy S10+ – best voice call quality smartphone

Apple iPhone 11 Pro – phones with best call quality

Huawei P30 – best call quality cell phone

Google Pixel 4 – budget phones with good call quality

OnePlus 8 Pro – best call quality smartphone

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