Best Quiet Wireless Keyboard | ultimate guide 2021

Best Quiet Wireless Keyboard

Introduction Wireless keyboards are attracting more and more people by a better aesthetic appearance and a certain convenience. These keyboards are powered by one or more batteries, the life of which can vary according to several criteria. These can be keyboards with backlit keys, programmed keys, etc. Keyboards can communicate with a radio frequency receiver, … Read more

How to maintain and optimize your internal hard drive SSD?

How to maintain and optimize your internal hard drive SSD

SSD storage drives are gradually replacing hard drives. Such a disc can boost the performance of your PC . However, each cell of the SSD has a lifespan restricted to a defined number of writes (nearly 10,000): this is called wear. Note that algorithms internal to the hard drive provide the possibility of optimal distribution of data on the SSD … Read more

Best pc inverter: Buyer’s Guide in 2021

Best pc inverter

By their very nature, electrical devices are sensitive to voltage drops and blackouts. They not only become unusable during a power failure. But can also suffer irreversible damage, for example, in data transfer between a computer and a hard drive. Let’s compare the Best pc inverters – with reference brands before heading to the buying guide for more … Read more