Best pc inverter: Buyer’s Guide in 2021

Best pc inverter

By their very nature, electrical devices are sensitive to voltage drops and blackouts. They not only become unusable during a power failure. But can also suffer irreversible damage, for example, in data transfer between a computer and a hard drive. Let’s compare the Best pc inverters – with reference brands before heading to the buying guide for more technical information and relating to the selection process.

What is the Best pc inverter in 2021?

List of the Best pc inverter 2021

  1. Eaton 3S 550 FR | cheap off-line UPS
  2. APC BX1400U-FR | Best pc inverter
  3. APC BE700G-FR | a UPS with a lot of outlets
  4. Eaton MGE Protection Station 800 | Best pc inverter 2021
  5. APC PRO BR1500G-FR | the best UPS in the comparison

Top 5 Best pc inverters 2021

As with the other comparisons we conduct, value for money is our ultimate goal. For this, we rely above all on the analysis of technical characteristics, all the more essential in electrical devices, as here. We then turn to consumer opinions and additional tests to offer you a complete and impartial opinion.

1. Eaton 3S 550 FR, cheap off-line UPS

 Eaton 3S 550 FR

Features & Reviews

Let’s start with a frankly accessible model, at less than 80 euros, and taking advantage of Eaton’s high manufacturing standards. Note that it is obviously an off-line UPS at this price. So you will have to reserve it primarily for classic office equipment use. It also does not handle small voltage drops but effectively protects against power surges. Autonomy is a strong point of the device. Extending to 30 minutes for 3 sockets, while the other 3 exclusively surge arresters. 

To finish, its practicality is well illustrated by the ease of installation, the universal USB port, or the removable batteries. It is easy to understand why more than 85% of consumers give a 4/5, or even a 5/5 for a good majority of them. The value for money and the Plug’N’Play are thus regularly cited among the best assets of the model.

  • Excellent value
  • Many sockets
  • Quiet operation
  • Extended autonomy (approx. 30mn)
  • Does not protect against voltage drops
  • Offline UPS

2. APC BX1400U-FR,Best pc inverter


Features & Reviews

Let’s move towards another product range while maintaining an idyllic quality-price ratio. The model is available here in several powers, from 300W / 500VA to 700W / 1400VA, which allows you to choose the most suitable inverter for your electrical devices. However, you will have to reserve it for a relatively limited connected system – the model only comes with 4 sockets or multiple sockets. If you were worried that the previous model could not protect you against slight drops in voltage, do not worry.

This device has an automatic voltage regulator., ensuring optimum current distribution in all circumstances. Therefore, its reliability as much as its performance allows it to be logically used at greater intensity, for example, in the case of a connected environment or even a NAS system. To end its practicality, it is illustrated with the Plug’n’Play installation but unfortunately loses its splendor due to the non-removable batteries. Fortunately, the build quality is there!

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  • Plug’n’Play: easy installation
  • Major power
  • Construction reliability
  • Includes automatic voltage regulator
  • “That” 4 takes
  • The battery is not removable

3.APC BE700G-FR, a UPS with a lot of outlets


Features & Reviews

While remaining with the same manufacturer, let’s see a more accessible model, below 100 euros. Again available in several powers, it can therefore be used to protect your various electronic devices at home and in the company, like computers, game consoles, and other wireless systems. You will also find 8 outlets for this purpose, 4 of which are provided for emergency batteries. 

All come with protection against power surges, blackouts, and noise. Sign of confidence: an insurance policy protects your connected equipment up to 100,000 euros in the event of a UPS failure. Consumers appear to be delighted, even though many find it rather heavy and bulky. The autonomy of 10mn Is certainly not impressive, but as consumers note, it’s reasonable for the price and perfectly suited to regular blackouts.

  • Protection insurance for your connected devices
  • 8 outlets including 4 in autonomy
  • Quick and easy commissioning
  • Attractive price
  • Lack of compactness
  • Heavy weight

4. Eaton MGE Protection Station 800, Best pc inverter 2021

Eaton MGE Protection Station 800

Features & Reviews

Let’s go back to Eaton for a model in the same price range and valuing similar arguments. For example, this is the case of power at 800VA / 500W or sockets, which also come here in several 8, including 4 with back-up batteries. However, it is a shame to find off-line technology again, which will not offer protection against slight voltage drops. Nevertheless, you can take full advantage of it in a family context, for the computer and other electronic devices, and it will prove very useful against small and temporary power cuts. 

Practical when these are linked each day a little more! We can clearly see the classic advantages of Eaton’s convenience. Such as the multi-position format (device lying or standing), removable batteries, or the Plug’N’Play installation. Because of the many advantages of the machine, consumers are more than 65% to give it the maximum score, praising its ease of installation and use. – despite unclear instructions for use – or silent operation (excluding alarm).

  • Good value for money
  • Many sockets
  • Great practicality
  • Family/home use
  • Instructions too brief
  • Off-line technology

5.APC PRO BR1500G-FR, the best UPS in the comparison


Features & Reviews

Let’s end the comparison with a return from APC. But this time in a “Pro” variant – which the price bears witness to. At 1500 VA / 865Ware, of course, power values are up to the task. And you can push up to 1600 VA / 960W for even more greedy and numerous devices. 

A casing that meets production quality standards. The Back-UPS Pro also has an LCD screen that allows you to see the UPS status at a glance, like the remaining battery charge. It is intended for both businesses and homes. Although you will have to consider in the calculation that the model has “only” 6 outlets, 3 of which have back-up batteries. 

If necessary, it will, therefore, be necessary to use multiple sockets! This remains a small negative point compared to the model’s obvious strengths, so consumers highly value it on associated shopping platforms. While recognizing the high quality of manufacture,

  • Strong power
  • LCD for tracking
  • Incredible build quality
  • Easy to connect and use
  • Heavy and imposing
  • Some misfires on the energy saving function

Everything you need to know about the Best pc inverter: operation, selection criteria, FAQ

Although all inverters serve the same principle, not all of them allow the same. Depending on the price, range, type, and the number of devices you want to cover, there will be many models. So pick the one that’s right for you – and we’re getting to it with this buying guide!

How does an inverter work? What’s the point ?

The inverter connects to one or more electrical devices to protect against power cuts and voltage differences. For this purpose, it embeds one or more batteries that take over to supply the devices concerned when the cut occurs. If you were working on the computer or transferring data, you could quickly complete the task to avoid loss. This is also useful for gaming, in which case the UPS can quickly save progress before shutting down the console or gaming PC.

How does an inverter work

How to choose your inverter? Selection criteria

As we indicated previously, several criteria allow you to choose the device that suits your budget as well as your needs. Let’s see what variables should be taken into account before making your choice.

The type of inverter

There are several types of devices, depending on the sophistication of their technology. Of course, prices move at the same time.

  • Off-line UPS: it is the most basic device and, therefore, the least expensive. On the other hand, it deploys a fairly long switching time and does not have all the protections, for example, against small voltage drops.
  • In-line inverter: good alternative, this model works with a microprocessor’s help, and its switching times are therefore reduced to heartache. Therefore, we can use it for classic office automation – as for the previous type – and in many other circumstances, for example, for printers, game consoles, or multimedia devices. They can also be used in a business context.
  • On-line UPS: this is certainly the most advanced technology, deploying zero switching time. Therefore, all your sensitive electrical devices can be fully protected thanks to the on-line, such as computer servers, industrial office applications, or even any device within an electrical environment subject to disturbances.

The choice between the different models will therefore depend above all on the use but also on the budget that you are ready to devote.

Protection against electrical failures

As detailed previously, not all inverters offer the same quality of protection for your devices, as seen with off-line technologies. Remember to focus on the autonomy of the backup batteries, keeping in mind that these are primarily intended to end the activity safely, not to prolong it. As a general rule, autonomy varies between ten minutes and more than half an hour.

Inverter: what power for which pc? And other devices

Even outside of computers, of course, you had to match the power of the electronic devices. You want to protect with the inverter’s maximum power capacity. You must then refer to the “VA” value: if this is not indicated for your devices. Then you can obtain it approximately by dividing the number of watts by 0.66. For computers, the power of the configuration will, of course, have a decisive impact. At 160VA on average for a family computer, the minimum power drops to 275VA for gaming PCs. Also, consider the screen size.

The number of shots

Typically, inverters come with 6 to 8 outlets and more on larger models. It is necessary to consider that the outlets are then divided into two categories. At the same time, one half is protected against overvoltages and supplied by back-up batteries. The other half only benefits from the protections without autonomy. If you run out of sockets, don’t worry, though. A power strip will do the trick, but you will need to make sure that the set does not become too bulky.

The build quality and the brand

Since we are talking about security devices, it is essential to ensure the reliability of the product. However, we readily admit that this is a difficult point to verify … You can also start by relying on the most recognized brands for their experience and know-how, like APC and Eaton. Second, look to the consumer reviews and tests available on the Internet. After a certain time of use, this feedback will be the most useful to get a good idea of ​​the case’s durability and the batteries.

How to test an inverter?

The easiest way is to disconnect the electrical devices connected to the inverter to see if the battery takes over. You can also conduct more in-depth testing, but then you’ll need to be patient!

How to make an inverter?

Although relatively accessible, the process of building an inverter cannot be fully detailed here. However, note that you must first create the oscillator, allowing the switch to this backup battery. Many tutorials exist on the web and even on video – as at the end of this article – to help you in this process.

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