Best 4g Router For Gaming: 10 Best 4g Routers in 2021

Best 4g Router For Gaming

The world of the internet is vast, and this already involves the possibility of connecting to it. If you don’t have fiber / ADSL coverage or are on the move a lot, purchasing the Best 4g Router For Gaming can be a great solution. With the right product and the right operator, you will be able to work in … Read more

Asus vg278qr review: Buying Guide 2021


The Asus vg278qr is a perfect quality gaming screen with more than pleasant features. But what especially caught our eye was the announced response time of 0.5ms. With such an announcement on a TN panel, the world of gamers leaps forward. Take us through this product Asus vg278qr review to find out more. Features of the Asus vg278qr Technical characteristics Weight: 5.1 … Read more

Klim keyboard review: KLIM Chroma gaming keyboard 2021


The gamer label is often used, especially for marketing purposes, but it nevertheless embeds certain specifications, such as RGB, ExpressKeys (shortened keys) or even increased durability. These are more sophisticated devices with a certain aestheticism – they, therefore, fit perfectly into a gamer config. Today, let’s look at a popular gaming keyboard, the Chroma from KLIM, a French manufacturer. KLIM Chroma gaming keyboard … Read more

is the razer ornata chroma good for gaming?


is the razer ornata chroma good for gaming? The Razer Ornata Chroma launches a bet by offering a technology different from what we find in the sector of gaming keyboards. Usually, mechanical systems are favoured by gamers, but the comfort provided by this product may well satisfy many of them. Let’s see together through this review what the Ornata Chroma … Read more