The HD146x offers a lot of options for a comparatively low price. In OPTOMA HD146X REVIEW, I will clarify how well the projector performs in everyday life and where you have to compromise. Table of Contents But before we go into depth, you will first get the technical data: Technical data Optoma HD146x Review Projection technology … Read more

Graphics tablet with or without screen?

Graphics tablet with or without screen

Whatever your artistic discipline. When choosing a graphics tablet, you will have to decide between two types of tablets  : with or without a screen . The shortcut to the question would be to say that beginners should look to a screenless tablet. While artists at the more advanced level should consider a tablet with a screen. Today we take … Read more

Asus VG258QR: [2021 Review]

Asus VG258QR

The Asus VG258QR is a very good quality gaming screen with more than pleasant features. But what especially caught our eye was the announced response time of 0.5ms. With such an announcement on a TN panel, the world of gamers leaps forward. Take us through this product test to find out more.